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Friday, November 17, 2000


Score card for November 14 Special Town Meeting

Article 1 - Town reports

The motion to hear the reports of the bike and pedestrian safety advisory committee and housing authority carried.

Article 2 - Transfer of funds

The motion to transfer $146,035.27 from free cash (surplus revenue) in the town treasury to the Carlisle Public Schools ($31,799.27), public works/transfer station ($47,500), pensions and benefits/group insurance (39,000), wage classification adjustments ($7,771) and public works/DPW site cleanup ($19,965) carried.

Article 3 - Salary adjustments

The motion to transfer $39,097 from wage adjustments to individual town departments and $670.73 be transferred from Public Law 874 (Impact Aid Revolving) to the Carlisle Public Schools ($670.73) carried.

Article 4 - Unissued debt

The motion to rescind the following amounts of unissued debt carried.

$3,500 - Town Hall (Warrant Article 6 of May 13, 1996 Town Meeting)

$1,800,000 - O'Rourke land (Warrant Article 6 of November 19, 1997 Special Town Meeting

Article 5 - Reimbursement grant

The motion to place any amounts received from the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Department of Food and Agriculture relative to the Wang Coombs land Agricultural Preservation Restriction be deposited in the town's stabilization fund carried.

Article 6 - Treasurer and tax collector positions combined

The motion that the town request its representatives in the General Court to introduce legislation, as printed in the Warrant, to enact a special act for the town of Carlisle, combining the positions of treasurer of the town and town collector, into one combined position of treasurer/collector and to authorize the board of selectmen of the town to make constructive changes in perfecting the language of this legislation in order to secure passage carried.

Article 7 - Mosquito control

The motion that the town become a member in the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 252, Section 5A and that the board of selectmen be authorized to take all steps necessary to effectuate such membership failed.

Article 8 - Kindergarten fees

The motion to authorize a revolving fund for full-day kindergarten tuition fees for FY01 pursuant to Chapter 44, Section 53E1/2 carried. The Carlisle School was given authority to deposit the user fees and spend up to $10,000 to provide a part time full-day kindergarten.

Article 9 - Rename Wang Coombs

The motion that the formerly designated Wang Coombs conservation land be renamed with the parcel located to the north of Curve Street hereinafter be named with the new name of "Hutchins Field" and the parcel located to the south of Curve Street hereinafter be named with the new name of "Robbins Field" carried.

Article 10 - Conservation cluster zoning bylaw

The motion to amend Section, Conservation Clusters, of the zoning bylaws, by adding the words "or trust" to the phrase, "In the case of corporate ownership," so that the first sentence of the section would read, "In the case of corporate or trust ownership, beneficial rights in said open space shall be deeded to the owners and a restriction enforceable by the town pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 184, Section 32 providing that such land shall be kept in open or natural state shall be recorded at the Middlesex North Registry of Deeds." carried.

Article 11 - Special permits

The motion to amend Sec. 7.2, Special Permits, of the zoning bylaws be amended by deleting "and" in the fourth line of that paragraph and replacing it with a comma, and adding "and Section #5.9 (Personal Wireless Service Facilities)" to the end of the paragraph carried.

Article 12 - Private driveways

The motion to amend Sec. 5.4.3 Private Driveways ­ Drainage, of the zoning bylaws, by adding at the end of this section the sentence, "This shall not prevent a portion of the driveway apron within the public right-of-way from sloping towards the public roadway" carried.

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