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Friday, November 17, 2000

Thanks to coach

To the Editor:

I am sure many parents wish to join me in thanking Ellen Davin for making it possible for our daughters to play middle school field hockey this fall. When over 60 girls showed up for tryouts in September, each girl's prospects for making the team were diminished. Ellen generously volunteered her time, effort, and talent to create and co-coach a junior varsity team, allowing each girl the opportunity to play on a school team.

In a town rich with community spirit and selfless volunteering, Ellen went above and beyond by adjusting her schedule on short notice to be available most week day afternoons. Her willingness to help, combined with her kind manner and contagious enthusiasm, set such a wonderful example for a group of impressionable young girls. Lynne Carmel, Melissa Blechman, Sally Waite and Ellen Davin were not just wonderful coaches, they were superb role models. A heartfelt thanks to each of you!

Marcy Guttadauro
Fiske Street

Pumpkin Spectacle thanks

To the Editor:

The 17th Annual Pumpkin Spectacle of the Gleason Library was a great success thanks to the many people who contributed their help. Our judges, Andrea Urban, Suzanne Whitney-Smith and Marty Galligan had the difficult job of choosing the prizewinners from the more than 80 creative entries. Nadine Bishop, Elaine Gardner. Verna Gilbert, and Eunice Knight were the registrars and Nancy Roberts took pictures.

Our thanks go also to Saint Irene Church for providing the space. Funding for our performer Tony Toledo was made possible by a grant from the Carlisle Cultural Council and the Friends of the Gleason Library. The Friends also provided the prizes and refreshments. Jan Conover lent her exotic costume collection to the Library staff.

Marty Seneta
for the Gleason Library staff

eligible, 200 to 220 have shown up at the two events since the beginning of this school year. The night entails basketball, a DJ, and food, and is very well chaparoned. A small amount of seed money was provided by the town, but the program is largely self-supporting through fees.

Recreation commission

Maureen Tarca of the Recreation Commission reported, "We're booming." Programming has increased and enrollments this year topped 1,000. More programs could be offered but the RecCom is now limited by space. The summer program grew by 25% this year, and about 40 Carlisle teenagers are trained as counsellors and employed in the program. The Banta Davis fields are "the jewel of this community and the envy of Concord." The RecCom has received nets and goals from Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer and hopes to partner with CC Youth Soccer and Youth Baseball to build additional playing fields. Next year they hope to add two tennis courts and a basketball court on Banta-Davis. "We're facing growth issues as well," added Tarca, as evidenced by the need to turn people away from some programs such as tennis, skiing, and ceramics. It is hoped that future land aquisitions will include land for recreation.

Pedestrian and bicycle safety

Deb Belanger of the pedestrian and bicycle safety committee reported they are looking for engineering firms to evaluate the plan for the school loop path. Next year the committee will focus on signage and marking of crosswalks and the possibility of volunteer parent crossing guards. They have met with nine town committees and incorporated their suggestions.

Trails committee

Louise Hara of the Trails Committee reported they currently maintain 40 miles of trails through volunteers. They have sponsored walks, including a recent one the day after Thanksgiving which attracted fifty-five walkers. They have also recently updated the trails book, which is available at Town Hall. Next year the committee will focus on better signage and parking spaces at the many trails which have none.

Cable TV Committee

Ray Pichuloof the Cable TV Committee reported that the change from Cablevision to Media One/At&T has not been completed. AT&T has not made any committments for expanded service in Carlisle, although a negotiation for license renewal next year will provide an opportunity to make requests. Carlisle's small subscriber base of 950 spread-out houses is not attractive. Cindy Nock suggested that any concessions from AT&T be gotten in writing, since promises they made to the high school were never been kept.

Future challenges

The boards and committees of town government have been successful in maintaining a quality of life in Carlisle that attracts people to the town. Fitzgerald referred to this double-edged sword when he congratulated the School Board on Carlisle's superior MCAS results,and ruefully added, "Expect a new influx of students next year." As most boards are finding, providing for and managing growth will be the major challenge facing the town in the next few years.

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