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Friday, November 17, 2000


For the first time, two field hockey teams

This fall, there were exciting changes within the Carlisle field hockey program. Day one, standing in the heart of a circle of 50 young ladies, each fully equipped with mouth guard, stick and enthusiasm, the coaches knew immediately a second team needed to be added to this year's roster. The request for a junior varsity contingent was emphatically received by our middle school and every athlete who wished to learn and enjoy the sport of field hockey was able to do so. Over the course of the season, each of our athletes made extensive advancement in both skill level and love of the game. Sportsmanship, combined with healthy competition, enhanced every practice and game we played. All four coaches were proud to have such a respectful and determined group of girls, validating our efforts to include each athlete who tried out for the team.

The junior varsity team made quite an impression on the coaching staff. Excellent attitudes and tremendous athletic growth highlighted their season. Tess Guttadaro (grade 6) scored a well-executed goal this fall, demonstrating techniques she learned in practice. In addition, it is important to mention that every player made positive contributions to the team.

Olivia Vienneau (grade 8) scored the first Husky goal of the season against Westford. In our second undertaking of Westford, Teresa Barton (grade 7) put one past the goalie as well. Both Westford matches ended in a tie score. Other Husky matches that ended in a draw included Clark and Diamond middle schools. Chrissy Lyons (grade 8), assisted by Vanessa Roa (grade 7), scored a beautiful goal on our home field against Wayland. The team worked the ball through each position line until finally, in the opponents circle Roa crossed the ball to Lyons who deflected it into the net. The score of that game remained 1-0, the Huskies claiming victory.

Our goal keepers had an outstanding season as well. With the coaching of Sally Waite, each keeper made exceptional advancement in her game. Alison Probolus (grade 8), Allie Bryan (grade 7), Abbie Rolando (grade 7), Lisa DeBruzzi (grade 6) and Alexandra Byer (grade 6), defended our goal cages well and with dignified behavior.

Above all, the Carlisle girls made this field hockey season fun. The coaches, Lynne Carmel, Melissa Blechman, Ellen Davin, and Sally Waite enjoyed each afternoon spent with these young ladies. We would like to wish this year's eighthgraders the best of luck in their high school experience next fall, and look forward to seeing the Husky veterans on the field come September.

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