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Friday, November 17, 2000


Schools begin FY 2002 wish lists

School business manager Eileen Riley began presenting her list of budget assumptions at the November 7 Carlisle school committee meeting but was cut short by chair Paul Morrison who asked that there be numbers attached to all of the items. She explained that she likes to start without the numbers to allow for freer thinking about needs. He asked that she return to the next meeting with the numbers attached and the discussion ended. The Finance Committee guideline for the Carlisle school's FY2001 budget increase is 7.0 percent.

Big increase for CCHS

Carlisle and Regional school committee member Harry Crowther reported that Concord-Carlisle Regional High School budget proposed by the school administration for next year is up 15 percent and that this would translate into an increase of 23 percent in Carlisle's share of the budget. This is "grossly different" from the guidelines set by both the Concord and Carlisle finance committees, he said. The Carlisle FinCom budget guideline for the high school was set at 8.9 percent. The fraction of Carlisle students at the high school and Carlisle's share of the budget have been increasing recently, and now stand at 27.73 percent, Crowther said.

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