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Friday, November 10, 2000


Winners in Carlisle include democrats Gore-Lieberman, Kennedy, Meehan, Fargo,

republicans Cleven and Johnson.

87% of voters cast ballots in smoothly run election

The sun was out on a day of unseasonaby warm weather. The police were out with an effective traffic control plan to minimize traffic tie-ups on roads in the vicinity of the Town Hall, as well as the Town Hall parking lot. But best of all, 2,905 out of the 3,337 registered voters (87%) came out to cast their ballots in what developed into one of the closest presidential elections that the nation has ever seen. ...more

A Warrant of twelve articles will be the agenda of the Special Town Meeting on Tuesday November 14. The Meeting will convene in the auditorium of the Corey building, Carlisle Public School at 7 p.m. A brief background and summary of each article follows. ...more

A Maple Street homeowner was sitting in his family room watching television at 10:25 last Friday evening when his window shattered and everything was suddenly covered with glass and debris. The missile was a potato. Carlisle Police arrested four young men, all residents of Billerica, who were fixing a flat tire on their pick-up truck in the Foss Field parking lot, after finding a potato gun and two bags of potatoes a short distance from the vehicle. ...more

Official state results on the ballot questions will not be available for ten days. ...more

....Actually neither, or both. Results of presidential elections in Carlisle over the past 20 years (see below) show what Carlisle residents always knew­that the town maintains its own character, tracking neither state nor national political trends with any consistency. Carlisle voted with the state in this election, but broke with Massachusetts in 1992, rejecting former Governor Michael Dukakis. Democrats had a strong showing in Carlisle in the last three presidential elections, after supporting republican candidates in all contests since1964. ...more

· Hart Farm. At their November 1 meeting the board of health approved six septic plans for new construction at Hart Farm (off Curve Street). All the houses were 5-bedroom systems. The board also rejected three plans for the same subdivision. ...more

The Carlisle Planning Board will convene on Monday, November 13 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Tentative agenda items follow. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission will convene on Thursday, November 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. Tentative agenda items follow. ...more

After considerable study, consultation with experts and lengthy discussions exploring health issues, environmental consequences and possible town liability, the board of health voted against joining the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project, the subject of Warrant Article 7. ...more

Emerson Hospital, along with many of its physicians, will continue to care for Tufts Health Plan members, as a result of an agreement reached between the network with which Emerson is affiliated, Partners Community Health, Inc. (PCHT), and Tufts Health Plan. The agreement is for a three-year period and covers all Tufts members, except for Tufts Secure Horizons members who are already covered under a separate contract. ...more

As has been done every year for the past few years, the water fixtures in all seven of the Concord schools, including the Concord-Carlisle High School, have submitted to testing for lead prior to school opening. Michael Moore from the Concord Board of Health says that Concord has the best testing program in Massachusetts. It is in fact the only community that does this level of testing. He also said that the school department has been very cooperative in implementing remediation. ...more

The Carlisle Castle playground on school property at the corner of School and Church Streets has been closed upon the recommendation of the school's insurer, as well as their safety consultant."We are glad we found out before anyone was harmed," said Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson. Playground consultants hired by the school for the integrated preschool playground area recently informed the Carlisle Schools that the Carlisle Castle also needs adjustments to be safe for younger children and children with handicaps. ...more

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