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Friday, November 10, 2000


Concord Schools conduct annual water testing

As has been done every year for the past few years, the water fixtures in all seven of the Concord schools, including the Concord-Carlisle High School, have submitted to testing for lead prior to school opening. Michael Moore from the Concord Board of Health says that Concord has the best testing program in Massachusetts. It is in fact the only community that does this level of testing. He also said that the school department has been very cooperative in implementing remediation.

Of the 110 plumbing fixtures that were tested townwide, six were above the action level of .015 mg per liter and needed further attention. The action level, which is significantly lower than the health levels for both adults and for children which are .5mg and .06mg respectively, is used as an indicator that further tests should be made.

Filters were changed, broken seals were repaired and all of the fixtures have been retested. According to Moore from the Concord Board of Health, results are in and some sink fixtures are still testing at the action level even with new filters. This may indicate that the problem is not systemic and may be in the fixtures. Further testing should clarify this.

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