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Friday, November 10, 2000


Board of health rejects mosquito control project

After considerable study, consultation with experts and lengthy discussions exploring health issues, environmental consequences and possible town liability, the board of health voted against joining the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project, the subject of Warrant Article 7.

The deciding factor at the November 1 board meeting, was the BOH's concern over the pesticides used in spraying adult mosquitos. Members were in favor of the water management and larvaciding stages of the project's mosquito control program, but felt that control over adulticiding would be given up if they went with CMMCP. Board of health chairman Steve Opolski had contacted another mosquito control project, the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project. However EMMCP is financed differently and the board would need more time to prepare a recommendation to the town.

Board of health physician Dr. Claudia Talland reported on her contact with Dr. Bela Matyas of the Massachusetts Department of Health, who stated that he does not believe that any town will receive an official mandate to join a mosquito control program in 2001. Also the DPH is unlikely to undertake a statewide mosquito control program. Matyas does recommend that Carlisle join a mosquito control program, one that includes adulticiding when necessary.

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