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Friday, November 10, 2000


Massive Voter Turnout in Carlisle for Election 2000

Winners in Carlisle include democrats Gore-Lieberman, Kennedy, Meehan, Fargo,

republicans Cleven and Johnson.

87% of voters cast ballots in smoothly run election

The sun was out on a day of unseasonable warm weather. The police were out with an effective traffic control plan to minimize traffic tie-ups on roads in the vicinity of the Town Hall, as well as the Town Hall parking lot. But best of all, 2,905 out of the 3,337 registered voters (87%) came out to cast their ballots in what developed into one of the closest presidential elections that the nation has ever seen.

Voters started lining-up outside the Clark Room voting site in the Town

Hall at 6:30 a.m. From the time polls opened, a steady stream of voters passed in and out of the Clark Room, casting their ballots for president, Massachusetts candidates for office and eight ballot questions. At times, the line extended out past the door leading to the parking lot. The flow of voters was occasionally interrupted as poll workers processed absentee ballots through the check-in and check-out stations and cranked them into the ballot box. A record number of absentee ballots (512) were received this election. Fortunately, a majority of voters came to the poll well prepared, often with checklists as a reminder of how to vote thus spending less time in the voting booth.

Although there was heavy voter turnout throughout most of the day, by 5:30 p.m. lines were shorter than usual, perhaps in response to selectman Michael Fitzgerald's request, "Today in Carlisle we ask that you please vote mid-day and only once." Shortly before 8 p.m. when the polls were about to close, there were only two people left in the Clark Room waiting to cast their ballots.

Sixty-eight volunteers arrived at start tallying and by 10:30 p.m. most votes had been counted. It was a long and busy day for town officials, the police and the volunteer poll workers alike. Town Clerk Sarah Andreassen thanked the volunteers. "They were fantastic and I'm very grateful," she said. Thanks to the effort on everyones' part, an exceptionally busy election day in Carlisle ran exceptionally smoothly.

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