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Friday, November 3, 2000


Shorts from ConsCom

· Great Brook conservation cluster. Engineer Gary Shepard of David Ross Associates presented a request from Ira Gould for a 30-day extension of an October 30 deadline for completion of a wetland replication area in the Great Brook conservation cluster. Explaining that he had not received all the permits required from other official bodies until a few days ago, he said the work could not be accomplished by the deadline. The major commission concern was whether the plants placed in the new wetland site in November could survive the winter. A call to the state Department of Environmental Protection had brought a recommendation that the applicant be allowed an extension. Understanding that, should the plantings fail he would need to replace them in the spring, Gould received his approval.

· Rockstrom trail. The trails committee, represented by Louise Hara, was given permission to proceed with bridge construction over a wet area on the Rockstrom trail off School Street without having to submit a Notice of Intent. Since plans for the structure will not "fill, dredge or alter" a resource area but rather protect it from damage, the eight-and-a-half-foot bridge was given the go-ahead.

· Common drive paving. Peter Tocci of Lowell Street represented himself successfully with a proposal to grade and pave an existing common drive. The roadway, which parallels Wolf Rock Road, is at least 100 feet from a small stream and is grandfathered by the planning board. Therefore, he was given an unconditioned go-ahead to bring in crushed stone, mound the crown to improve drainage and top the road with asphalt.

· Log Hill septic system. There was an unusual wrinkle to a request for approval of a replacement septic system from H-Star engineer Bert Hamill, who represented owner Krishin Bhavani of Log Hill Road. The house is located in Carlisle, but the wetland is in Acton. The new septic system facility lies outside the 100-foot wetland buffer zone, but some overlapping fill will be required. Approval was given for the five-bedroom system to serve a four-bedroom house and allow for a future addition, pending board of health acceptance.

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