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Friday, November 3, 2000


East Street proposal continues to raise wetland and property line questions

The latest plan for home construction in the area between East Street and Bedford Road brought a contingent of seven neighbors and abutters to the October 26 meeting of the Carlisle Conservation Commission. Engineer Gary Shepard of David Ross Associates unrolled plans for construction of a driveway accessing a single-family house on a lot he admitted has had "a long, complicated history" that involved both land swaps and lot reconfigurations.

The original plan that called for a common drive serving three lots and involving 400 square feet of wetland fill was approved by the commission but subsequently rejected by the planning board. The plan presented to ConsCom this time involves a driveway to a single house that comes off a newly drawn common drive located outside the buffer zone. However, this configuration has not yet received planning board approval. Shepard was hoping to at least garner an okay from the commission before returning to the planning board. When commissioner Jo Rita Jordan reminded the engineer of previous disagreements between the commission and the board over the first plan, commissioner Eric Jensen suggested, "In the interests of efficiency, shouldn't we await planning board approval before we act."

Abutters, asked to view the new plans, were welcomed at the table whereupon comments were heard to the effect that every time they saw the plans, they were different. East Street residents Bill and Diane Cuccinello observed that one area on the proposed drive "is a lake in the spring, and remains soggy most of the time." Commissioners were concerned about a nearby area shown as Isolated Land Subject to Flooding (ILSF) which they suspected might be connected to the large wetland and therefore under their jurisdiction. This concern was heightened when conservation administrator Sylvia Willard reported that she could find only two of the required wetland flags. Commissioner Christine Gaulden declared that she, for one, wanted to look at the site and make sure the ILSF was neither a vernal pool nor connected to the large resource area.

Shepard offered to reevaluate the site and the offer was accepted. Several abutters interjected their opinion that the project should not be approved and conditioned by ConsCom until the property lines have been legally drawn. Chair Carolyn Kiely indicated she would like to know more about the wetland delineation, but that lot lines were not a ConsCom responsibility. Therefore, she requested a continuance of the hearing until more information became available, and the engineer concurred.

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