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Friday, November 3, 2000


West Street scenic corner preserved forever

In a stellar example of living their values, Jack and Betty Valentine of Acton Street have granted a conservation restriction "in perpetuity" on 10.2 acres of scenic pastureland on the southeast corner of the intersection of Acton and West Streets. The restriction, which was approved by the selectmen at their October 24 meeting, is granted to the Carlisle Conservation Foundation and specifies that the "primary purpose of this conservation restriction is to maintain the premises as an open field presenting a scenic, open, pastoral vista to travelers along West and Acton Streets.

"We moved to Carlisle in 1955 because it was open and a farming area," remembers Betty Valentine. When asked what inspired this generous act, she replied, "We wanted to keep the country feel and the land on corners is especially important as it opens two roads."

Visitors to this corner of Carlisle will remember the Valentines' herd of white-faced Herefords. The cows have been temporarily relocated to conservation land along Monument Street in Concord in order to allow the Acton Street field to re-grow. But, said Valentine, the cows are coming back very soon.

The Valentines have retained the right to graze farm animals on the land and to replace a shed for the feeding, watering and protection of the animals. The public can enjoy the view today and forever, but does not have the right to trespass on the property.

The Carlisle Conservation Foundation anticipates final signatures on this conservation restriction in the near future.

"We wanted to keep the country feel..."

Betty Valentine

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