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Friday, October 27, 2000


This year, eighth-graders in Carlisle will be researching ecological problems in a project that combines science, math, history, language arts and culminates in written reports and oral presentations at the Eco-Fair in June. ...more

On October 1 in the Wilson Chapel at Green Cemetery, Deputy Fire Chief David Flannery offered this extensive historical commentary on fire protection in Carlisle, 1754 to 1979, during a special service to honor six 20-year veteran firefighters. This is the second and final installment of Flannery's commentary. ...more

Farmer Peter Duffy was on hand at the Cranberry Harvest Tourat the Carlisle Cranberry Bog on Saturday, October 14 to talk about raising and harvesting cranberries in Carlisle. Peter is a member of the team that helps his brother Mark farm the bog, as well as the land at Great Brook Farm State Park. The Mosquito asked him to share some of his answers to questions that were asked concerning the locally grown berries. ...more

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