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Friday, October 27, 2000


Enrollment report shows 32-student increase in Carlisle School

As of October 1, there were 807 students enrolled on the campus of the Carlisle Public School, including 17 in the pre-school. In addition, there were 12 Carlisle students in out-of-district special education placements. The five students in a C.A.S.E. classroom on the campus were not counted in the total. In October 1999 there were 775 students on campus, so the net increase was 32 students.

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson noted, at the October 17 school committee meeting, that there are 85 kindergartners on campus, while census records show an additional 15 children eligible. Sometimes children who are enrolled in private full-day kindergarten programs enter the public school in first grade, she said, so the enrollment in first grade next year could go up by that many. There were 76 students in the eighth-grade class that graduated in June 2000.

The largest class is currently the first grade with 103 students, followed closely by the fifth grade with 100 and the eighth grade with 92. The smallest class is the fourth grade with 66 students, while the remaining classes range in the mid-80s. The number of classrooms for each grade level has been adjusted so that the average classroom in grades one through eight has 21.4 students and the average kindergarten has 17.

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