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Friday, October 27, 2000


FinCom sees a myriad of obstacles in pathway project

Gwyn Jones, representing the bike and pedestrian safety advisory committee, presented a draft of their footpath plan to the finance committee on October 18. He explained that the proposed footpaths would "provide a way for pedestrians to get around at least the center of town without walking on the road and [facing] unsafe volume of traffic and high traffic speeds." He added that it was particularly hazardous "if you have a stroller, are elderly or are on a bicycle. That's the basic need we are trying to deal with."

His estimate of $15,000 for a feasibility study was deemed somewhat unrealistic. The FinCom recommended that the committee break the project down into a timeline, including projected expenses associated with each segment of the project. As chair Simon Platt wryly explained, "We want to know the cost in phases -- what to do when. For example, in 2002, survey; in 2003, knock down some trees, fill in some wetlands and so on."

Jones responded that they expect costs of "around $100,000 for one to two miles, with a total plan including eight miles."

Committee members warned him of the ambitious nature of the project, fraught with potential expenses and complications. The committee would have to run the gauntlet of each town department. In addition, as opposed to the library or school that are situated in one spot, the footpath project would line the major roads and affect many property owners, potentially stirring strong opposition.

The committee invited Jones to return to keep them updated on the project's progress.

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