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Friday, October 27, 2000

Beware of parking problems on election day

To the Editor:

As a result of the significant level of interest in this year's presidential election, we anticipate a record number of voters at the polls on November 7. Many of you will recall the problems associated with accommodating the large number of voters and their automobiles at Town Hall during the gubernatorial election of 1998. While we have made changes in the parking lot at Town Hall to improve the flow of traffic, we expect that we may see similar problems during this year's presidential election.

In order to limit the impact of the expected increase in automobile traffic at Town Hall, we ask voters to consider the following:

· Vote during the off-peak hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

· Vote by absentee ballot

· Car pool or walk to the polling place.

We have arranged with Police Chief David Galvin to have additional police officers on-site to manage traffic in and out of Town Hall and the parking lot. We will close Church Street between Westford and Concord Streets to allow for overflow parking. If the Town Hall lot and overflow parking areas are full, you may find it necessary to park in the center of town or at the school complex and walk to Town Hall. Please do not attempt to park along Westford Street or at the fire station. We expect the school parking lot to be freed up after 4 p.m. If you park in the center or at the school lot after dark, please remember to bring a flashlight with you and take special care in walking to Town Hall.

We urge all registered voters to get out and vote on November 7. Please be patient and courteous so that we will all have the opportunity to participate in this important component of the democratic process. During his many political campaigns, James Michael Curley asked his supporters to "Vote early and often." Today in Carlisle we ask that you please "Vote mid-day and only once."

Michael Fitzgerald
chair, board of selectmen

Thanks to Greene

To the Editor:

As you may have noticed, the remedial work at the Daisy's site has been completed. This is, of course, good news.

We are writing to express publicly our gratitude to Scott Greene of the Department of Environmental Protection for his efforts in connection with the work. Scott was behind DEP's commitment to conduct the work at its own expense. He also graciously answered numerous questions from concerned residents and met informally with groups of residents on two occasions. He supervised the work, spending long hours at the site.

Too often good work by devoted public servants such as Scott goes unappreciated and unacknowledged. May we suggest that, if you find a minute, you give Scott a call to say thanks? He can be reached at (978) 661-7726. Better yet, call his boss, Iris Davis, at (978) 661-7724.

David and Lisa Chaffin
East Street

Million Moms support 'sensible gun laws'

To the Editor:

Those who attended the Million Moms March in Washington last May heard many stunning statistics about gun violence. "One Columbine a day" is another way of saying that 12 kids a day die in this country due to gun wounds. These children are killed by other kids or by angry neighbors, accidentally or on purpose, with guns that are loaded and too easily available.

We believe that this election offers an important choice for those who want to see more common sense brought to the issues of gun violence while protecting responsible gun ownership. As members of the ongoing Million Moms efforts to promote sensible gun laws, we strongly encourage all voters to think carefully about this issue.

Some excellent sources of candidate records and views on gun legislation are available online at, at, at, at, at, and at

As governor of Texas, George W. Bush signed legislation permitting concealed weapons to be carried even in churches, hospitals and nursing homes. And Texas is one of the few states with no minimum age for handgun possession. Are these sensible gun laws?

In contrast, Vice President Gore was an original sponsor of the Brady Bill, and he cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate to close the gun show loophole (no three-day waiting period or background check) in existing federal law. The vice president favors laws requiring handgun purchasers to obtain a state-issued photo license, after passing a background check, a three-day waiting period and a safety test, and requiring child safety locks for all new handguns.

For those who are concerned about the mind-numbing numbers of gun deaths in this country, we think that this election offers a chance for voters to choose a president and congressional representatives who have shown their commitment to stronger gun laws. We urge your attention to this issue, and we encourage your vote for Al Gore for President.

Concord Area Million Moms for Sensible Gun Laws
Barbara Chase, Beth Dawson, Ann Eno, Eva Herndon, Joanna Hopkins, Sally Kittross, Margaret Stewart, Ellen Huber, Kathy Rubenstein

Support for El-Azem

To the Editor:

Patrick El-Azem is a newcomer to politics. As a senior citizen on fixed income, I plan to vote for him as my new state representative on November 7. His views are more in line with the average taxpayer than are the incumbent's. Decide for yourself by reading his website: Or E-mail: campaign@elazem.2000.0rg. Or phone him at 455-1155.

I have seen the letter Mrs. Cleven sent to her supporters. In it she states: "I have developed and maintained a reputation as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate." I was shocked. Look at her voting record. You will find nothing "fiscally conservative" or "socially moderate' about it. Why would she make this statement, unless she knows that this is the rhetoric that voters want to hear, and that is how to get re-elected by those who just have not examined the evidence.

El-Azem has been endorsed by the Citizens for Limited Taxation, who also are campaigning Yes on Question 4 to return your money to your pockets, as the politicians promised. Carol Cleven, on the other hand, has voted for virtually every tax-and-spend proposal since she has been our representative, including her own pay raise, which was passed before citizens even had time to respond to the proposal.

The incumbent also has been endorsed by Mass NARAL, the extremist National Abortion Rights Action League that favors lifting all restrictions on abortions and no parental notification for minors. Mrs. Cleven is one of only eight State House candidates with NARAL's 100 percent pro-abortion rating, though an overwhelming majority of voters oppose partial birth abortions and agree with parental notification laws, as does challenger El-Azem.

Patrick El-Azem has the support of thinking Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and unenrolled voters in Chelmsford and Carlisle, who are looking for a person who will better represent their more mainline points of view on Beacon Hill.

James Fox

A question of leadership

To the Editor:

Remember that best-seller book entitled "A Passion for Excellence" authored by Tom Peters copyrighted in 1985? In it Mr. Peters tells the business world the difference between leadership and management. Peters wrote that "managers do things correctly and leaders do the correct things." Simply said, leaders need to have foresight and vision. They need to sense change, and react before the change sneaks up. They're intuitive people, coaches and role models that keep the ranks enthused and motivated. Not everyone can be a leader though many think they can.

David Dockterman needs to grasp the concept of "group dynamics" towards understanding the policy of Scouting's national office. A group within a group isn't a concept that works and I think the leaders of Scouting understood this inherently. To allow homosexuality to exist and populate within Scouting would be the eventual demise of Scouting. No parent would consciously feel comfortable in allowing their son to belong in Scouting.

Maybe the definition of being "morally straight" has changed since my days in Scouting. And I know that those two words are still part of the Scout Oath recited at every Scout meeting. So when the day arrives that society accepts homosexuality as being "morally straight," that will be the day that Scouting ceases to exist.

Carlisle residents are intelligent citizens who can readily understand that Eastern Massachusetts is just part of a larger United States of America. While we sometimes exercise our revolutionary spirit, Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" reminds us that we are just part of the whole, that we cannot look east towards the Atlantic Ocean for answers or support and that there is a greater United States looking west.

I find it hypocritical that Dockterman can recite that Scout Oath and Law during each of his Scout meetings yet consciously and now publicly state his decision to not follow the policy of his national office. He might think he is being a leader by disagreeing with Scouting's National Office. He's not. He's being a rebellious manager whose time has come to step down.

Peter M. Domino, Eagle Scout
Acton Street

The measure of one's morality

To the Editor:

Contrary to Peter Domino's opinion expressed in his letter in the October 13 Mosquito, the U.S. Supreme Court did not decide that "there is no discrimination being exercised by Scouting." Instead, the Court ruled that the BSA is a private organization, and that because it is, there is no legal barrier to its being allowed to discriminate. Carlisle School Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson therefore is correct in stating that the national Boy Scout organization does indeed discriminate in its policy against homosexuals and atheists, and she is also correct in concluding that, as a public institution, the school may not follow suit.

Homosexual men and boys and those who do not believe in God have served the Boy Scouts with honor and distinction since the organization's founding. Although Mr. Domino is entitled to disagree, it is not one's sexual orientation or one's religious beliefs that demonstrate one's morality; it is the conduct of one's life.

Nancy Garden

Farewell and thanks to Martini

To the Editor:

The members of the Carlisle Youth Commission would like to thank and acknowledge the work of Lisa Martini over the past seven years as a member of the youth commission. Her dedication and enthusiasm for a safe and fun night for Carlisle Middle Schoolers (Friday Night Live) was contagious. Lisa has finished her term on the Carlisle Youth Commission and will truly be missed. Best of luck in your high school parent endeavors and don't forget, we'll need you to chaperone at least one FNL each year!

Carlisle Youth Commission
Nancy Orlando, chair
Terry Chapman
Kathy Hassey
Lynn Carpenito
Kathryn Dennison

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