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Friday, October 27, 2000

In a recent round of water testing at the Carlisle School, lead levels above the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) action level were found in three of the 20 taps that were tested. Supervisor of buildings and grounds David Flannery told the school committee at their October 17 meeting that the problem is with the plumbing as the well water at the source has no detectable lead. He said that it would take some time to track down the cause of the contamination, but he was confident he could solve the problem. ...more

"Philosophy" trumped finance at the October 18 finance committee meeting, as selectmen, the superintendent of the Carlisle Schools, and the school committee chair hotly debated the wisdom and necessity of perpetuating school bus fees by establishing a revolving fund for their collection. The finance committee insisted upon the importance of departments operating within their budgets, while the school defended its right to collect additional fees. This was the most controversial of the Warrant articles considered for recommendation by the FinCom in preparation for the November 14 Special Town Meeting. ...more

The board of selectmen met on October 17 to review the submitted Warrant articles and close the Warrant for the November 14 Special Town Meeting. While most articles are financial and planning housekeeping matters, the mosquito control project is likely to draw voters. The following is a brief summary of the articles: (See entire Warrant on page 15.) ...more

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