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Friday, October 27, 2000


Warrant closed for November 14 Town Meeting

The board of selectmen met on October 17 to review the submitted Warrant articles and close the Warrant for the November 14 Special Town Meeting. While most articles are financial and planning housekeeping matters, the mosquito control project is likely to draw voters. The following is a brief summary of the articles: (See entire Warrant on page 15.)

Article 1 includes reports from the pedestrian and bicycle safety advisory committee, which will present the results of the questionnaire distributed to the town, and the housing authority, which will look for feedback on what direction the town would like to take regarding affordable housing.

Article 2 requests a transfer of funds from free cash estimated at $150,000 for:

School bus fees $25-30,000

NE Solid Waste Committee $47,500

Group insurance $39,000

DPW site cleanup $19,965

Wage classification $14,788

The finance committee will be reviewing these numbers and the amounts may change.

Article 3 requests a transfer of $46,114.88 between funds to adjust salaries in accordance with the wage and classification study ($31,326 already approved plus the $14,788 above). Town administrator Madonna McKenzie explained that this amount will bring all employees to their correct levels within the salary range, based on years of service, and includes a 2.7 percent cost of living increase. While the selectmen accepted the initial placement of salaries based on longevity, they requested that the personnel committee develop a policy for future salary increases which includes performance merit.

The purpose of Article 4 is to rescind unissued debt authorized under previous Warrant articles:

Town Hall $57,500

Town Hall $3,500

O'Rourke Farm $1,800,000

The Town Hall funds were not needed due to lower than expected costs and interest. The O'Rourke Farm was subsequently purchased by the federal government as conservation land.

Article 5 will allow officials to place the state grant, partially reimbursing the town for the purchase of the Hutchins and Robbins Fields (formerly known as Wang-Coombs), into the stabilization fund. A transfer might then be made to lower the tax rate. Alternatively, selectman Doug Stevenson suggested paying down the principal on the debt. Selectmen agreed to solicit an opinion from the finance committee.

Article 6 is necessary to consolidate the municipal positions of treasurer and tax collector. Ann Vandal was hired in September with the expectation that she would hold both positions, previously held by Nancy and Bill Koerner.

Article 7 will ask residents if the town should become a member of the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project. Chair Michael Fitzgerald referred to this article as the "barking dog" amendment -- the one most likely to prompt debate at the Special Town Meeting.

Article 8 will establish revolving funds for school bus fees and kindergarten fees so the school can draw on the funds without the need for a Town Meeting vote.

The purpose of Article 9 is to formally rename the Wang-Coombs land north of Curve Street to "Hutchins Field," and the land south of Curve Street to "Robbins Field."

Articles 10 through 12 , placed by the planning board, change the wording of Carlisle Zoning Bylaws related to Conservation Clusters, Special Permits, and Private Driveways-Drainage. They will explain the significance of these changes at the Town Meeting.

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