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Friday, October 20, 2000


Shorts from the board of health

· A public hearing was held for a waiver of the distance from a tank to a well at 80 Wildwood Lane for the repair of a septic system. Although Title 5 guidelines are met, the distance of 81 feet falls short of Carlisle's rule of 100 feet. The waiver was granted.

· A public hearing was held for a waiver of the distance from a tank to a wetland border on 3 Forest Park Drive for repair of a septic system. The conservation commission had already approved the plan for an 80-foot distance from the tank to the wetland border, short of the 100 feet required by Carlisle. The waiver was granted.

· There was a public hearing for waivers to regulations for a septic system repair on 127 Sunset Road. The board granted waivers after the design was changed from a single- to two-compartment septic tank placed 61 feet from the wetland border. The board also required the owner to file a deed restriction prohibiting installation of a kitchen garbage grinder.

· The board was concerned that no toxic waste remediation work had been done on the property at 106 Concord Street since the order of conditions was issued July 12. The board voted to send a letter to Pine and Swallow asking them to explain their progress on October 24.

· The cleanup on the Daisys' property is moving along well. It was noted that some of the material which was under the roadway and underneath the building will not be removed. The expected cost is $130,000 and it is expected that the state will pay and then put a lien on the Daisy property since the Daisys are claiming hardship in this matter.

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