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Friday, October 20, 2000


Shorts from the selectmen

· Wages and classifications. A Warrant article is being prepared to request the additional money needed to implement the final phase of the Wages and Classifications Study. Although every town employee has been upgraded, where necessary, to the minimum salary level of his or her classification, additional money is needed to place people at their proper points within the range. Adjustments were also made to incorporate an across-the-board increase in the ranges due to a rise in the consumer price index of 2.7 percent. In addition, four administrative assistants are being upgraded to grade 4, with the hourly rate of $12.36 to $17.59, because job descriptions did not accurately reflect the level of responsibility.

· Community Preservation Act. A Warrant article may be prepared to take advantage of the Community Preservation Act, recently signed into law. This act allows a community, based on a vote at Town Meeting and a ballot question, to add a surcharge of up to 3 percent to the property tax levy for open space, historical building and affordable housing projects. The money is added to a pool and distributed by the revenue commissioner back to the towns based 80 percent on contribution and 20 percent on need.

· Report from FinCom. The selectmen were surprised that approximately $500,000 could have been collected from the taxpayers of Carlisle within the levy limit for fiscal year 2001. Chair Michael Fitzgerald was chagrined to report, "We are not presenting the town's fiscal health in an accurate manner." Selectman Doug Stevenson noted, "This excess levy is more than twice what the override was....Clearly, we didn't get the best numbers." Selectman Vivian Chaput added, "This is something that should be able to be accurately estimated, based on the information available (building permits, etc.). The assessment process needs work."

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