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Friday, October 20, 2000


Town Meeting vote needed to deposit school fees

A summary of "revenue enhancement program" fees was provided by Carlisle School business manager Eileen Riley for Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson and the school committee on October 3. These fees, a bus service fee of $50 for those students living within two miles of the school and all seventh- and eighth-graders, an activities fee of $25 per activity, and the $85 fee for additional kindergarten hours, were deemed necessary to maintain the school programs at a level service from the previous year. (State law requires free bus service only for students in grades K-6 who live further than two miles from school.)

Invoice letters were sent out to all the activity coordinators at the beginning of the school year. Ninety-eight percent of the kindergarten fees have been collected totalling $6,640. Almost 80 percent of the bus fees have been sent in for a total of $22,450.

Since these funding avenues are new, the school has been trying to coordinate where to deposit the fees so the money could be appropriately disbursed. If the fees were to be deposited in the town's general fund, a Town Meeting vote would be necessary to approve any appropriation and that would be for the next fiscal year. As a result, there will be two articles on the Fall Town Meeting Warrant requesting the establishment of two 53 E 1/2 revolving accounts for the transportation fees and kindergarten tuition fees. The amount in these accounts is not to exceed $30,000 at any one time.

Recently, the collected fees were deposited with the town treasurer. Since the checks were included in the town's estimated receipts, a free cash transfer of an equal amount must be requested at the November Town Meeting before the school can access the funds, according to town clerk Sarah Andreassen. Once established, the revolving accounts can be used for the fees and school expenses.

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