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Friday, October 20, 2000

Local Cub Scouts' leaders respond

Ed. note: The following is a letter sent by a group of volunteer Cub Scout leaders in Carlisle. The signers asked that it be printed in the Mosquito as well.

Dear Boy Scouts of America,

It has been our pleasure, privilege and honor to serve as den and pack leaders in Cub Scout Pack #135. Individually and as a group we have been pleased with the growth we have seen in our children as they participate in Scout activities.

However, we were distressed when the Supreme Court decided to uphold the Scouts' right as a private organization to discriminate against particular groups. The Scout policy of barring gays and agnostics in its organization runs counter to what we feel is a big part of the inclusive message of scouting, and it runs counter to the values in our community. Discrimination of any kind is wrong, and that is the message we wish to impart to our children. We will not discriminate in our dens and pack, and we urge the national organization to remove its discriminatory policies.

As individuals, the volunteer leaders and parents in Carlisle will have to decide what their ongoing commitment to scouting will be. As a group we feel the experience has been very beneficial at the local level, but we have grave reservations about supporting a national organization that discriminates against any group based on sexual orientation or religious belief.

We fear that the national policies of discrimination will have a detrimental effect on scouting in Carlisle and elsewhere. We, the undersigned volunteer leaders in Pack #135, once again urge the Boy Scouts of America to reconsider these policies.

David Dockterman,Tricia Reed, Barbara Harkins, Liz Spatola, Joan D. Bero, Mary Cheever, Peter A. Schad, Phil Herman, Lynn Knight, Debbie Dawson, Suzanne Struss

Halloween treats needed

To the Editor:

Halloween is fast approaching, and as much as we love living on a dark street with long drives, it is not an easy place to trick-or-treat with young children. Last year only 6 brave little souls rang our bell. So, as always, my boys will be knocking on the doors in the center of town.

Last year, through a letter to the Mosquito, I asked those folks who plan to trick-or-treat in the town center to contribute a bag of candy. Many people responded! I'm asking for that again. Last year, with wonderful weather, well over two hundred children traipsed from house to house. The residents there don't mind providing their own candy, but last year, that extra stock kept them from running out and disappointing children. Also, the donated candy let the center residents know how much the rest of us appreciate the party they put on for us every Halloween—and it is a festive event—many spooky, costumed characters greet the kids and the houses have just the right scary, but not too scary, decorations.

You can drop of a bag of candy at Daisy's Market anytime before the 31st. Dale Ryder, who lives in the center, will distribute the candy to her neighbors.

Terry Golson
Sunset Road

Developer should be held accountable

To the Editor:

Perhaps the October 6 article, "Planning board tangles again with Buttrick Woods," should have focused more aptly on the following: "Imagine investing nearly one million dollars to build a new home without researching or understanding the conditions of the purchase." Or, "the buyers were simply not concerned or aware of how the conditions of the special permit could affect them or their move-in schedule." Or "Buttrick Woods developer sells all sub-division lots without disclosure of special permit conditions to the buyers." Or "Buttrick Woods developer is tardy to comply with the conditions of the special permit again, and is possibly liable for families being delayed from moving into their future home."

I certainly hope that the landowners of Buttrick Woods and their attorneys are working harder on holding the developer accountable for the operations and scheduling at Buttrick Woods rather than chasing after the town's planning board to revise its conditions. I fully support and endorse the planning board's need and responsibility to adhere to its own regulations. This is not a time for the town to show any "compassion" to landowners that may be affected by questionable methods of the land developer. This development has been suspect to questions over several other issues in the past. A pattern has been established. There is no need for the town's relief.

The problem was not created or caused by the town, and therefore the precious energy and time of the planning board should be attentive to their current agenda.

Russell Dion
Lowell Street

Thanks to Kidspotters

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Pig 'n Pepper's KidSpot, we'd like to thank all the wonderful volunteers who contributed their time, ideas and energy to the event. These volunteers of all ages came ready and willing to help with whatever task they were assigned, whether it was nail- or face-painting, picture-taking, spider-web-building or moon-walk supervising. We really appreciate your help and enthusiasm and hope we'll see you again next year!

We tried a lot of new things this year, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for next year, we would love to hear from you. Also, if you particularly liked helping with a specific activity, we will do our best to place you there again next year. Please feel free to contact Laura Snowdon at

Laura Snowdon & Betsy Matthiessen
KidSpot co-chairs

Support for Fargo

To the Editor:

The citizens of the 5th Middlesex district are very fortunate. You are represented by one of the most effective new members of our state senate. Since elected to the senate in 1996, Senator Susan Fargo hit the ground running and has not stopped since. As you know, Susan is running for re-election this fall. I am writing to share with you some of the reasons I believe she should be re-elected by the voters of your district.

Susan Fargo has kept her promises to you. She has worked full time on behalf of your communities. Susan has fought for and delivered results on many important issues such as securing money for quality public education, securing the economic growth of the district, cutting taxes, expanding access to health care, and ensuring public safety,

She has put her experiences in the public and private sectors to good use on your behalf. Susan has delivered a significant number of victories for the district and has made a major impact on statewide public policy. She is attentive and hard working, and I, as a member of senate leadership, look forward to continuing my work with her on Beacon Hill.

I urge you to vote for Susan Fargo on Tuesday, November 7.

Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg
State House
Boston, MA

Pig 'n Pepper gratitude

To the Editor:

A week ago the tenth annual Pig 'n Pepper took place. From a financial standpoint, the event was a major success. Carlisle's share of the net profits from the event will be around $45,000. I thank everyone who attended the event and hope you enjoyed yourselves.

I especially want to express my deepest appreciation to all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy to making the annual Pig 'n Pepper an overwhelming success. With the terrific weather, we drew our largest crowds in years -- 20,000 people!

Without the strong volunteer turnout to handle everything from burger-flipping to car-flagging, the event would have been a disaster. The Carlisle Education Foundation and our partners from Westford, the WestNET Partnership, share a common goal of supporting our public schools with funds raised through this event. The contribution of precious time and energy from the hundreds of parents, teachers, students and citizens in Carlisle and Westford shows how strongly our communities support this common goal. From our Carlisle community, I'd like to recognize the contributions of Jane Barnett, Eric Balles, Suzanne Brown, Lisa Harris, Andy Ostrom, Alison Saylor, Laura Snowden, Tim Stephens, Paula Trebino, Claudia Veitch, and Bruce Vienneau, who over the past months helped plan and organize the event with their Westford partners. Their unparalleled commitment, enthusiasm and leadership throughout the Pig 'n Pepper 'campaign' helped bring the event together in a new home with excellent results.

Jeff Brown, president
Carlisle Education Foundation

Clarification from the Carlisle School

To the Editor:

We would like to submit the following clarification to the article regarding the school "expansion study" that was published in the October 13 Mosquito. The heading could have more appropriately read, "School plans to distribute requests for qualifications for feasibility study." The $15,000 voted at Spring 2000 Town Meeting will be used to fund the feasibility study which will begin by evaluating the need for a new facility in addition to the other tasks discussed in the article

Eileen Riley, for the
School Building Committee

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