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Friday, October 20, 2000

Dr. Gerald Missal, director of financial services for the Concord and the Concord-Carlisle Regional Schools, will be leaving his post after a short transitional period. He has accepted an equivalent position with the Belmont Public Schools. ...more

Columbus Day weekend brought the Pig 'n Pepper back to the area for a weekend of food, music and all-around fun. This marked the tenth edition of the Pig 'n Pepper, which has grown from a one-day event held at Great Brook State Park to the current two-day festival, held for the first time this year at the 4H Fairgrounds in Westford. ...more

The conservation commission authorized chair Carolyn Kiely to draft a letter to the selectmen and board of health expressing their opposition to "drive-by spraying" of larvacide in response to a potential West Nile virus threat. The action on October 12 was a direct result of advice from commissioner and Allandale Farm manager John Lee and visiting Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) circuit rider Gillian Davies. ...more

Board of health physician Dr. Claudia Talland, who describes herself as a statistical physician, explained to the board that she does not consider the West Nile virus a threat to people in Carlisle. Although two infected dead crows have been discovered in town, Talland explained, there have been no known cases of West Nile disease in humans in the entire state, much less any fatalities. If comprehensive spraying or other remedial action were taken, there would be no way to measure its effectiveness since the incidence of the disease is already zero. "From a public health perspective, this [West Nile virus] is a nonentity," said Talland. The West Nile virus is similar to the equine encephalitis virus which has been present in this region since 1930 with only 80 cases reported in the state in all that time. Talland noted that we have lived peacefully for more than six decades with the equine virus without any comprehensive spraying measures, and the equine is more deadly. ...more

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