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Friday, October 20, 2000


Absent teacher salary adds to Carlisle School budget shortfall

Last year, when the Annual Town Meeting approved $6,317,704 for the Carlisle School, a sum agreed upon by the school committee, all were aware that there was a $58,803 shortfall of the level service budget request. In order to maintain level services at the school, that sum needed to be realized through revenue enhancement programs. Fees were instituted for school activities and busing and fees were increased for the use of school facilities by outside organizations. However, school business manager Eileen Riley reported there is an additional unanticipated shortfall of $11,957 at this time because the school is paying the salary of an additional fifth-grade teacher.

Susan Greene has been away from the school on medical leave since December 8, 1999. She signed a contract to teach fifth grade for the calendar year 2000-01 but has not returned to the school in any official capacity.

The case of Greene against the Carlisle Public School remains registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). The Carlisle teacher filed a complaint with the MCAD on March 30, 2000 alleging that the Carlisle Public School had discriminated against her in November 1999.

Previously, parents Marion and John Alberico had filed a complaint accepted by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) in May 1999, alleging that the school had retaliated against Greene who provided a "safe haven" for their daughter. The office closed that investigation in October 1999, finding no evidence of retaliation.

Article XIII in the teachers' contract, under the designation of "leave of absence with pay," states, "Each teacher shall be guaranteed 150 sick leave days per school year." Provisions include, "the superintendent in her discretion, may require a medical certificate or other suitable evidence of illness." Also, "A female employee is entitled to utilize eight weeks of sick leave for the purpose of giving birth."

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