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Friday, October 13, 2000


School septic system nears capacity

The committee designated to resolve the Carlisle School septic issue met recently, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson told the Carlisle School Committee on October 3. "We have lots of hurdles before its resolution. We are assessing what may or may not happen and exploring ideas far and wide, as well as alternative technology." According to school committee member Suzanne Whitney Smith, there is an increasing urgency to resolve the septic problems. "The school is approaching maximum flow rate of the current system." She asked that the school building committee meet with the selectmen in executive session to address and resolve the issues. "We need to press forward," said Smith. Fox-Melanson agreed, "We really have a problem which is that we are approaching capacity." The CSC will contact the school building committee to arrange for a meeting with the selectmen as soon as possible.

The Carlisle Public School septic system remains non-compliant under the requirements of Massachusetts Title 5. In March 1996, the school's septic system leaching field located under Spalding Field failed to meet the state's Title 5 regulations. After HKT Architects Inc. and consultants explored possibilities, it was agreed the best and most cost-effective location for the replacement system would be on the Banta-Davis Land. All local boards approved the plans but litigation brought about by abutters Phyllis and Timothy Landers has halted this possibility. The school continues to have its sewage pumped for approximately $900 monthly.

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