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Friday, October 13, 2000

Route 3 changes too extreme

To the Editor:

I have attended several meetings concerning the Route 3 expansion, the so-called Route 3 North Transportation Improvements Project, and am deeply concerned about the traffic impacts on Carlisle and the long-term aesthetic impacts on all of us. My major concern is the fact that at this time, all the trees in the median strip are scheduled to be taken down shortly in order to widen the road in the middle. This is being done, ostensibly, so that there will be less impact on the outside edges of the road relative to neighbors. Not only will the parkway feature of the current road be destroyed, but throughout there will be nothing at all in the middle except Jersey barriers. What hasn't, apparently, been considered is the fact that in many places the median is wide enough that not all the trees have to come down. But it is easier, cheaper and more expedient that way.

Although the construction has been approved, it is still considered a design/build highway project. Therefore, I believe that there is still something that can be done to influence the ultimate outcome. This is an area where a more aesthetic design should be considered. I would suggest that as many letters, e-mails, and calls as possible be made to Modern Continental Construction Co., the developer, and to Environmental Secretary Robert Durand indicating opposition to full-scale destruction of the median trees. (Secretary Robert Durand, Environmental Affairs, 100 Cambridge Street, Room 200, Boston, MA 02202; phone:617-626-1100;e-mail: Here is another contact person: John Greeley, Modern Continental, 6 Necco Ct. Boston, MA 02210, 617 695-2277

Vivian F. Chaput, selectman
Milne Cove Lane

Leave Scouting alone

To the Editor:

The United States Supreme Court ruled that Scouting is a private organization and as such can legally exclude prospective membership from those individuals who knowingly do not meet the standards set by the national office and those ideals pronounced in the Scout Law and the Scout Oath. Hence, there is no discrimination being exercised by Scouting in the eyes of the highest court. And as such, Superintendent Fox-Melanson's continued discrimination "label" on Scouting is legally moot.

That the CSA and/or the Carlisle Public Schools do not agree with this ruling is simply an exercise in their constitutional right to form their own opinion. That they wish to exclude a nonprofit organization from use of Carlisle Public School property is not an issue I feel they themselves have the authority to decide. Moneys from the taxpayers of Carlisle and the State of Massachusetts support the financing of "public" school buildings. At real issue is whether a "private nonprofit"' organization can utilize a building owned and maintained by the town, without paying a fee. My answer: find other meeting space and a new chartering organization that agrees with Scouting's higher standards of morality and spirituality. Fox-Melanson and the Carlisle Public School system obviously believe that their standards today are adequately applicable to a private institution whose "morality bar" has not changed since its founding.

And David Dockterman has a conflict of interest, being a member of both the CSA and an assistant packmaster to the Cub Scout pack, that should automatically exclude him from participation in the resolution of this issue.

While both Dockterman and Scoutmaster Bob Stone publicly disagree with the policy set by their national office, and legalized by the Supreme Court, I remind both that they are continually obligated under the Scout oath to "obey the Scout law." And that law is set by their national office.

The mutual benefits that Scouting and the Carlisle Public Schools enjoy are numerous and should not be hampered by Scouting's exclusion of those few individuals who cannot meet the stricter "life standards" embodied in Scouting. Nor should those standards be judged by supposedly omnipotent peoples who are not involved in Scouting and/or only operate in the public sector. Fox-Melanson is discriminating against Scouting as a private organization and by imposing her internal "public school" requirements on them.

Peter M. Domino
Acton Street
Eagle Scout - 1979 Dan Beard District
Order of the Arrow

Pedestrian safety questionnaire coming

To the Editor:

A questionnaire will be sent to all households next Monday which asks all residents to share their views on pedestrian safety and their desire for footpaths along our busiest roads. If this is an issue you are concerned about, please take a few moments needed to complete this short questionnaire. The more folks who participate in this somewhat unique opportunity will provide important direction for the pedestrian and bike safety advisory committee. Our committee has been tasked with researching and providing recommendations regarding safety on and along our roads. We need your input to continue this effort and better focus our goals. Any questions should be directed to me at 371-9787 or e-mail at

Deb Belanger
Palmer Way
Pedestrian/Bike Safety Advisory Committee

Remember the Libertarians

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask your assistance in correcting several serious errors and omissions in the September 22 issue of the Carlisle Mosquito.

Printed on page 14 were facsimiles of the Republican and Democratic official ballots from the primary election. The exclusion of the third available ballot, the Libertarian's, gives the false impression that voters have only two alternatives in November. In truth, the Secretary of the Commonwealth recognizes the Libertarian Party as the third "major party" in Massachusetts. The Libertarian Party is fielding dozens of candidates at every level of state and federal government; in Greater Lowell, as a matter of fact, Libertarian challengers outnumber Republicans by a factor of 6 to 1.

Since there was no Libertarian ballot pictured, there is no mention of Carla Howell, the only serious opposition facing 38-year-incumbent Edward Kennedy. Ms. Howell qualified for the ballot earlier and with over twice as many nominating signatures as the Republican candidate, Mr. Robinson.

Also on page 14, and of particular interest to Carlisle voters, Marilyn Harte wrote that Rep. Carol Cleven is unopposed in her bid for reelection. This is untrue. Patrick El-Azem has fulfilled all of the requirements for ballot access; he has been recognized by the Secretary of State as an official candidate, and he was listed on the Libertarian primary ballot that you omitted to print.

Mr. El-Azem has been repeatedly interviewed by the Chelmsford Independent and the Lowell Sun, he has been featured on local television news, and has been a guest on community cable television talk shows. Furthermore, Mr. El-Azem has accepted an invitation from the League of Women Voters to debate Mrs. Cleven at the LWV Candidate Night. He has already been endorsed by CLT&G's Prop 2-1/2 PAC and has received high ratings from several other statewide citizens' groups. Press releases regarding such honors and activities have been faxed to the Carlisle Mosquito regularly by the El-Azem for State Representative campaign.

Laura El-Azem, manager
Committee to Elect Patrick El-Azem

Clark family says thank-you

To the Editor:

We the Clark family appreciate the care, love, and help in the celebration of the life and death on October 4 of our husband, father, and grandfather Guy W. Clark.

It is seldom one sees so much outpouring of love for someone ninety-eight years of age.

Guy so loved his family, home, friends, and Carlisle, a town where he was born in the old 1741 house on Concord Street so many years ago.

We wish to thank our church friends, the fire department for their part in his service, the police department, and the many others too numerous to name.

God bless you all,
Dot Clark and family

2000 The Carlisle Mosquito