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Friday, October 6, 2000


Tony Mariano of the water quality/resource committee was busy on the evening of September 26, advising both the board of health (BoH) and board of selectmen on the Department of Environmental Protection's plans for the cleanup of the Daisy's site. The soil has been contaminated with the gasoline additive methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) from leaks from gas tanks that have since been removed. ...more

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health notified the Carlisle Board of Health last Friday that a dead crow submitted for testing on September 23 tested positive for West Nile Virus. The crow was found on Stearns Street by a resident and submitted to the State Laboratory by the Carlisle Police Department. There have been 278 positive results in the more than 1500 birds tested by the state. There have been no confirmed human cases of the virus in the Massachusetts. ...more

Imagine paying nearly one million dollars to build a new house, then waiting months for completion, only to be told you can't move in until the twelve surrounding houses are completed. On the other hand, suppose you were part of a town board entrusted with ensuring the proper completion of a conservation cluster housing development, and at least one of the lot owners hadn't understood the consequences of the special permit. Should concern for a family preempt the town's need to regulate development? This is the situation that surfaced on September 25 when Buttrick Woods homeowner Kevin Balboni came before the Planning Board asking to move in to his new home. ...more

Requests to the Carlisle Board of Health for deed restrictions, once fairly unusual, have risen lately to as many as 4-5 requests per meeting, according to chair Steve Opolski. Continuing a discussion from the previous meeting, at their September 26 meeting board members moved closer to developing a more formal policy on granting homeowners permission for these restrictions. ...more

A convergence of maintenance problems at the Greenough Land stimulated a spirited discussion of a major responsibility of the Conservation Commission, management of the town's conservation lands, at their September 28 meeting. ...more

Kenneth Bedrosian appeared to have quite a bit of explaining to do as he approached the Carlisle Conservation Commission September 28 to tell why a July 24 request for an amended Notice of Intent (NOI) had not been filed. His answer was complex and at times downright dramatic. ...more

Town Meeting Nov. 14

A Special Town Meeting is planned for November 14. Warrant articles will close on October 17, and a special selectmen's meeting will review on that date. ...more

At their September 26 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved a system repair at 80 Log Hill Road, which required local waivers and ConsCom review. The first waiver was required since the leaching field, tank and pump chamber are within the 100 foot buffer zone. Due to the lot configuration, the well radius and buffer zone overlap making the required setbacks impossible. ...more

The board of selectmen have appointed Madonna McKenzie as town administrator for a three-year term. McKenzie has served as acting town administrator since last spring. The appointment for term took place at their September 26 meeting. ...more

The following notes are taken from the Carlisle School newsletter, The Buzz. ...more

The following is a public health fact sheet issued by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. ...more

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