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Friday, October 6, 2000


Whether it's a horse that gets loose from its paddock or an animal that looks as though it may have rabies, the Carlisle Police Department fields calls from residents and refers the call to one of the animal control team in town. The large farm animals in town are protected by volunteers Sally Lakness, who is the animal inspector, and field driver Deb Toher. The two share responsibility for animal concerns in Carlisle along with dog officer Bob Dennison and the police. ...more

On Sunday, October 1, the Carlisle Firefighters' Relief Association held a special service to honor six 20-year veteran Carlisle firefighters with the dedication of grave markers. The ceremony was held in the recently restored Wilson Chapel at Green Cemetery. Honored at the dedication were Waldo D. Wilson (Fire Chief, 1927-1978), Richard B. Bates, Jr. (Firefighter, 1947-1980), Carl G. Swanson (Firefighter, 1946-1979), Edward J. Clark (Firefighter, 1936-1968), George W. Foss (Firefighter, 1941-1958 and Deputy Chief, 1958-1969) and Joseph F. Macone (Firefighter, 1951-1978). ...more

How many of you went to see the Tall Ships in Boston this summer? Chances are good that most people anywhere near Boston at least heard of the Tall Ships. As usual, the COA was on top of all this and as early as February, one was able to sign up for a bus ride to Boston and a boat ride to see the Tall Ships. Yours truly was right up there near the head of the line. ...more

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