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Friday, October 6, 2000


Shorts from the Board of Health

At their September 26 meeting, the Carlisle Board of Health (BOH) approved a system repair at 80 Log Hill Road, which required local waivers and ConsCom review. The first waiver was required since the leaching field, tank and pump chamber are within the 100 foot buffer zone. Due to the lot configuration, the well radius and buffer zone overlap making the required setbacks impossible.

In the second waiver, the system was not designed to accommodate a garbage grinder since a leaching field large enough for a garbage grinder would have resulted in the field being still closer to the vegetative wetlands. The third waiver allows use of six inches of stone instead of the usual 12 inches due to the grading of the lot and location of the leaching field in relation to the house.

Public hearings for septic repair at 3 Forest Park Drive and 127 Sunset Road were continued until the next meeting.

Finalized Plans

The board also approved septic repair/well placement plans for 7 School Street with a local waiver for placement of the new well. To comply with required setbacks from neighboring septic systems, the new well at 7 School Street will be within the required setback from the property line (School Street).

In addition, the BOH also reviewed the following sewage disposal systems plans:

· Approved redesign for Lot 1 Swanson Lane, requiring ConsCom review due to work in the buffer zone.

· Rejected plan for 147 School Street (Congregational Church). The plans presented to the BOH failed to comply with public water supply regulations including unacceptable paving in zone 1 and an insufficient well radius. BOH Agent Linda Fantasia noted that the septic plan presented to BOH did not have landscaping information that was on the site plan being used by the Planning Board. "Some of the landscaping issues, including paving and positioning of a light pole over the distribution box, may have an impact here," she said.

· Approved redesign for Lot 1 Davis Road.

· Rejected redesign for Lot 19A Swanson Lane based on minor plan deficiencies.

· Approved revised plan for Lot 3 Cross Street.

· The board took no action on Lot 2 High Woods until the pending tax situation is cleared.

The board will meet again on Tuesday, October 10 at 7:30.

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