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Friday, October 6, 2000


Shorts from the Selectmen's September 26 Meeting

Town Meeting Nov. 14

A Special Town Meeting is planned for November 14. Warrant articles will close on October 17, and a special selectmen's meeting will review on that date.

The Community Preservation Act has been signed by the governor and will be considered at fall Town Meeting.

Carriage Way RFP

Madonna McKenzie reported the town has published in the central registry its intention to purchase the lot at Carriage Way. An appraisal is underway of the entire parcel to be sold (consisting of three pieces). An RFP will be issued in mid-October for the parcel. The town asks interested parties to contact McKenzie for the RFP package.

Town Cemetery & Town Hall

The selectmen have been asked to come up with policies for management of the town cemetery. This will be discussed at a later meeting, possibly in mid-October.

Rules for use of Town Hall were agreed upon after Town Hall opened, but need to be reviewed and enforced.

Senior volunteer tax offset

Interest has been expressed in a program which allows senior citizens to work for town departments and receive a check to offset some taxes. The FinCom and COA will be asked to look into this for spring Town Meeting.

Pine Meadows hole dispute

A builder/owner at Pine Meadows has filled in a drainage easement on Carlisle town property and refuses to repair the damage. Developer William Costello would like permission to go on town land to correct it. Town counsel will be consulted regarding withholding a certificate of occupancy for the offending owner.

Election to move to school?

Traffic jams at Town Hall on election day are a concern. Various measures will be considered, including holding the elections at the school, to deal with parking and traffic. About 2800 voters are expected for the upcoming presidential election.

Route 3 groundbreaking

According to Selectman Vivian Chaput, ground was to be broken on September 27 for the expansion of Route 3 at Lowell's Crosspoint building.

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