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Friday, September 29, 2000


Many volunteers serve on Carlisle town committees

The Mosquito publishes this list of town committee members annually for reference, as well as to recognize the efforts of those willing to serve the town in this capacity. We regret that, due to space limitations, not all advisory board positions are included. Thanks to officials in the town clerk's office who maintain the official town committee list.

Elected Officials

Board of Assessors

Burt Buckborough (chair)

Thomas Dunkers

James Marchant

(Rena Swezey, administrator)

Board of Health

Martha Bedrosian

Lisa Davis Lewis

Steve Opolski (chair)

(Linda Fantasia, agent)

Board of Selectmen

John Ballantine

Vivian Chaput

Michael Fitzgerald (chair)

Carol Peters

Doug Stevenson

(Madonna McKenzie, interim town administrator)

(Margaret McNally, secretary)

Gleason Library Trustees

Mary Cheever (chair)

Brooke Cragan

Rosalie Johnson

Housing Authority

Marty Galligan (chair)

Alan Lehotsky

Shelley Orenstein

Steve Pearlman

Hal Sauer


Sarah Brophy

Planning Board

Michael Abend

Michael Epstein (chair)

Louise Hara

Dan Holzman

Thomas Lane

Kate Reid

Phyllis Zinicola

(George Mansfield, administrator)

School Committee

Harry Crowther (CCHS rep)

David Dockterman

Paul Morrison (chair)

Cindy Nock (CCHS rep)

Suzanne Whitney Smith

Appointed Officials

Bike/Pedestrian Safety Committee

John Bakewell

Deb Belanger (chair)

Kristine Bergenheim

Tim Eliassen

Heather Hedden

Gwyn Jones

Art Milliken

Board of Appeals

Midge Eliassen

Scott Batchelder

Terry Herndon (chair)

Shann Kerner (associate)

Hal Sauer (associate)

Danielle Vella (secretary)

Board of Registrars

Deborah Boule

Seba Gaines

Therese Hoffman

(Sarah Andreassen, clerk)

Cable TV Committee

Paul Gill

Ellen Miller

Raymond Pichulo

Darice Wareham

Celebrations Committee

Norm Fredkin (chair)

Douglas Stevenson

Barbara Culkins

Howard Hensleigh

Judy Larson

Fr. Thomas Donohoe (ex-officio)

Rev. Keith Greer (ex-officio)

Rev. Eugene Widrick (ex-officio)

Conservation Commission

J. Thomas Brownrigg

Christine Gaulden

Eric Jensen

Jo Rita Jordan

Carolyn Kiely (chair)

John Lee

(one vacancy)

(Sylvia Willard, administrator)

Council on Aging

Madeleine Courant

Annie Fredkin

Verna Gilbert

Phyllis Moseley Goff

Estelle Keast

Judy Larson

Patricia Macqueene

Santo Pullara

Ruth Reeder

Jean Rourk

Carol Zell

(Elizabeth Jewell, director)

(Lisa Duffy, outreach coordinator)

Cultural Council

Joan Goodman

Bonnie Miskolczy

Malcolm Walsh

Suzanne Winsby

Nancy Stadtlander

Maria Conley

Andrea Urban

Finance Committee

Tony Allison

Lawrence Barton

Dave Ives

John Nock

Charles Parker

Simon Platt (chair)

David Trask

Hanscom Advisory Committee

Wayne Davis

Household Waste Committee

Gary Davis

Keith Asarkof

David Comstock

Donald Rober, Jr

Robert Wallhagen

Historical Commission

Elizabeth Carpenter

Sharon Connors

James Davis, Jr.

Mary Ann Kitrosser

Shann Kerner (associate)

One vacancy (alternate)

Library Building Subcommittee

Linda Di Biase

Geoffrey Freeman

J. Stewart Roberts

William Sullivan

Sally Swift

Long-Term Capital Requirements

George Fraser

Leonard Johnson (chair)

(One vacancy)

Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Vivian Chaput

Minuteman Science-Technology High

James Ford

Municipal Land Committee

Michael Abend

Jane Anderson

Louise Hara

Dave Kelch (ex-officio)

John Lee

Charlie Parker

Greg Peterson (ex-officio)

Suzanne Whitney Smith

Maureen Tarca

Personnel Board

Mary Charnley

Jo Ann Driscoll

Nancy Kuziemski

Linda Chateauneuf

Carl Schilling

Recreation Commission

Mark Spears

Lorraine Stone

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