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Friday, September 29, 2000


Staffing changes at the Carlisle School

The following staff changes were announced at the September 19 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee.

Maria Rakhmanoff, who was teaching French and Spanish, has resigned after a maternity leave. She will be staying at home to care for her newly adopted baby. While a replacement is being sought, a French-speaking substitute teacher and the other language teachers are covering her classes.

Susan Greene, who had been teaching fifth grade until the middle of last year when she took medical leave, will be taking an extended medical leave this year. She had complained that the school had retaliated against her because of her role in providing a "safe haven" for a student in an alleged harassment incident two years ago. The U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights investigated the complaint of retaliation against her, but closed the complaint on October 22, 1999, after finding no evidence of retaliation. She has now filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Greene will be collecting her full salary for 150 days this year as specified in the teachers' contract. This benefit is meant to help teachers who suffer catastrophic illness.

Susan Fitzgerald, who had been the fourth-grade special educator, has taken Greene's fifth-grade class this year. The school is seeking a fourth-grade special educator. The other special education teachers are temporarily covering the fourth grade.

Technology Integration Specialist and former fifth-grade teacher David Mayall has given notice of his intent to take early retirement in two years.

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