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Friday, September 29, 2000


Carlisle School Committee hears trip requests

At the September 19 meeting of the Carlisle School Committee the eighth-grade team requested and received permission to plan a class trip to New York City. This would replace the trip to Quebec now that Spanish as well as French is offered as a foreign language. The curriculum focus of the trip would be social studies rather than foreign language. The eighth-grade team will return, with a proposed trip itinerary and estimated costs, to the October 3 school committee meeting.

Band Director Tom O'Halloran has requested and received permission to plan a trip for the Senior Band to travel to Delaware and Washington D.C. He too will present the itinerary to the committee at a later date.

Girls sports

The girl's field hockey team will be divided into "varsity" and "junior varsity" teams because 52 students wanted to participate and the school wants to give everyone a chance to play.

Soccer is currently co-ed. Whitney Smith asked whether there could be separate boys and girls teams. She thinks that many girls would like to play on an all-girls team. Principal Andy Goyer said that he would look into it for next year. He was not sure if there are enough other all-girls middle school teams to play against in the area.

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