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Friday, September 29, 2000

'Imagine my surprise'

To the Editor:

Last Friday the Mosquito printed an article indicating that it had been submitted by me. The article included a message from Melinda Bell of Vancouver, WA, a former Carlislean who is seeking some old friends. It was originally posted at the online Carlisle Community Center. I did not submit it to the Mosquito.

I doubt that any real harm has been done by this, but the Mosquito should have sought my permission. Had I been asked, I would have contacted Ms. Bell to determine whether she would mind having her words and address printed in the Mosquito. I have asked her since; she said, "no problem."

I might also have chosen to word the article differently. The Carlisle Community Center is an online bulletin board. One of the goals of the web site is to encourage everyone to contribute. We don't worry a lot about spelling or grammar. It is really a different medium from a newspaper.

There is no doubt in my mind that the article was printed with the best of intentions. In the future, however, I hope the Mosquito will seek the permission of an author before reprinting any postings from the online Carlisle Community Center. In truth, I am thrilled at the prospect of the online Center and the Mosquito cross-fertilizing one another. We just need to be certain that the authors maintain control of their contributions.

John F. Patterson
Maple Street

Ed. note: A download from Mr. Patterson's site was incorrectly assumed to be a submission to the paper. The Mosquito apologizes for the miscommunication.

Police Association thanked for donation

To the Editor:

This past summer, the Carlisle Police Association made a generous donation to Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball (CCYB). The monies donated helped sponsor seven teams that competed in the Middlesex Division of the summer league. This league, with divisions of 9—10, 11—12, and 13—15 year olds, is designed as an extension to our spring baseball program, so our ball players can compete with surrounding towns well into the summer months.

The CCYB Board of Directors would like to thank Sergeant Kevin Cardonne and Chief David Galvin, along with all the members of the Carlisle Police Association, for their support. Measures like this do more than just help pay for sporting equipment. This action promotes goodwill between our two towns and demonstrates that the Carlisle Police Association and CCYB can work together to mutually promote activities for our youth.

Board of Directors
Concord-Carlisle Youth Baseball

Cultural Council thanks town

To the Editor:

We want to thank everyone involved in the "Art of Living" cultural history tour this past Saturday: the gracious site-owners/ hosts/ hostesses, all ticket-sellers, guides, demonstrators, contributors of funds, and all those who attended and made such positive, encouraging comments. This was a lot of work, much of it done by many, many people outside the Cultural Council.

We also wish to thank the Massachusetts Cultural Council for its support of this project.

For those who did not get to attend this Saturday, the exhibit at Daisy's Garage, "Open Spaces/ Wild Places" will remain open through tomorrow, Saturday, September 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Maria Conley

Joan Goodman

Bonnie Miskolczy

Nancy Stadtlander

Andrea Urban

Malcolm Walsh

Suzanne Winsby

members, Carlisle Cultural Council

Game table gift

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Class of 2000 and Class of 2001 have combined funds to purchase a game table that will be installed on the school plaza. The tabletop is a game board that will allow students to play chess or checkers. It will have three individually mounted seats and an open side for wheelchair access. Delivery and installation are expected in late October. We can thank all the hard-working families in these classes for helping raise the money for this acquisition!

Carole Fiorentino
Class of 2000 parent
Aaron Way

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