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Friday, September 22, 2000


Civility tops a hefty list of goals for Carlisle School

Once again, the concept of civility received top billing in an extensive list of proposed goals for the Carlisle Public School for the year 2000-2001. Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson presented a report on the ambitious goals to the Carlisle School Committee on September 5.

"In order to actualize it within our learning environment, we commit ourselves to examining our programs, our actions and our practices and to supporting and developing those which strengthen the civility of our school culture," she said.

The report of the proposed district goals emphasizes not only civility within the school environment but also within the larger Carlisle community. The school hopes to engage the advisor/advisee groups, the community and school parents in discussion groups to foster and promote dialogue on such topics as civility and violence associated with youth sports.

Other goals include developing curriculum and instructional activities for the language arts and literacy program. The school hopes to complete and establish a recommended reading list for elementary students, integrate core literature into the social studies curriculum, formulate a system-wide spelling program and support the writing process at each grade level.

The curriculum in mathematics, the K-8 social studies and history program, and the science curriculum will be examined and aligned with the frameworks recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Education. Guiding this effort will be an analysis of the results of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System social studies examinations. It is hoped that a time line of world history will be placed in the cafeteria and the school will participate in the National Geography Bee.

The school plans to continue teaching Spanish and French in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and the flex (or combination) program in the fifth grade while coordinating the curriculum with the Concord schools and Concord-Carlisle High School.

Other highlights contain a unit on "tinsmithing" to complement the fourth grade study and subsequent trip to Sturbridge Village, an opera component (Aida) to complement the fifth-grade curriculum on Egypt, a stronger choral music experience for children in grades 4-8, and an increased multi-arts experience for all the children.

The use of systems thinking and system dynamics will be expanded in the curriculum and physical and health education learning will be integrated more with the classroom instruction.

The expanded kindergarten program, two full days all year, will be reviewed and monitored. Comprehensive training for parents and school staff about the new Individual Educational Program (IEP) format for special needs students is also included in the seven-page comprehensive list.

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