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Friday, September 22, 2000

MLC clarification

To the Editor:

Last week's article on the August 30 meeting of the municipal land committee (MLC) accurately reported a portion of my comments at the meeting, but omitted other portions and thereby created a misleading impression.

The article did correctly report my comments to the effect that the trails committee urged that an integrated approach be taken for connecting trails with sidewalks, but that past trails committee attempts to discuss this with the pedestrian and bike committee had elicited no response.

The article unfortunately omitted my further comments that this situation had recently changed. In June, Kristine Bergenheim of the pedestrian and bike committee met with me on several occasions. We worked on a plan to tie the Banta Davis trails to the newly proposed sidewalk loop. Kristine also joined the trails committee at several meetings where we explored other possible cooperative efforts.

As I explained to the MLC, the pedestrian and bike committee ultimately concluded that it should focus its efforts exclusively on the roadside pathway system, due to limited funding sources and time.

While I am personally disappointed in the pedestrian and bike committee's decision on this issue, I did not suggest that the committee had been totally unresponsive. I appreciate the good faith efforts put in by the committee and by Kristine in particular and trust that they and the trails committee will find common ground on other issues in the future.

Louise Hara, trails committee member
Concord Street

Trustees are thankful

To the Editor:

What a great day we had for our party! Thank you for helping us celebrate the reopening of our library. Many thanks to the Friends of the Library for planning such wonderful entertainment and refreshments. Thanks too to the Scouts for baking and serving those delicious cookies - not a crumb was left by the end of the day. We look forward to seeing you often at the library - and be sure to check out our new hours.

Mary Cheever
Brooke Cragan
Rosalie Johnson
Trustees, Gleason Library

Swim program a winner

To the Editor:

It's heartwarming to find a community project that is well designed, provides for contingencies and is carried out well. Kudos must go to Cynthia Nock and Jan Deyoe who have hands-on administered the Carlisle Summer Recreation Program.

In the 40's Mary Diment designed the swim program and transported children to Walden Pond. In the 70's I worked under her eagle eye and developed the swim program using residents' pools. We taught basic and advanced swim and safety skills, advanced life saving and battled the Boston Red Cross chapter in getting WSI training. Carlisle swimmers came up through the skill levels and many became instructors and swim aides. Cynthia took over the program in 1988 and made it bigger and better to my delight.

Now enrolling 350 swimmers using four pools (one of them mine), employing 13 teenagers and college students, and still battling the infamous Boston chapter, the six-week swim program has been completed and Carlisle's children are safer and better swimmers.

Phyllis Hughes
Acton Street
aka "The Hughes Pool"

Nader to speak

To the Editor:

Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader will be speaking in Boston at the Fleet Center on Sunday afternoon, October 1. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased by calling 617-995-2595.

Nader has not been invited to participate in the official presidential debates, so this will be one of the few remaining opportunities to hear what he has to say prior to general election in November.

Eugenia Harris
South Street

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