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Friday, September 22, 2000

Melinda Bell is seeking the Clarks

As the person with the only e-mail address that is associated with the Carlisle Community Center and visible to the internet at large, I sometimes receive e-mail from people who are interested in the center. In this case, the message is from someone who used to live in Carlisle and would like to track down some old friends. I have included the message below.

Let me say that I do not know Melinda Bell. I received the message below from out of the blue. I sent her a message indicating that I do not know the Clarks and I did not see them in the phone book.

If you would like to contact Melinda, her e-mail address is

Melinda's message

Hello, John Patterson:

I must be getting old, but in the wee early hours decided to check out my old home town, Carlisle, where I used to live from age 7 to age 13, when my stepfather, Charles L. Little, had to sell his 150-acre farm due to the '50s recession. Of course, he did not realize he was moving out west because of that. He thought he had failed.

I used to play with Peggy Clark almost every day, daughter of Joe and Edith Clark, who owned a 51-head dairy farm. They later moved to Bellows' Hill Road, I hear, and Joe died shortly afterward, I think. I do not know if Edith Clark is alive, and would like to contact her, and her daughter, Peggy, if she is. Peggy has a nice older sister, Sue.

In our family, there were Charles and Barbara Little, who lived in Charlie's father's home, I think it was, across the street from a barn and his pastures, which are now overgrown. That house has had a lot of fires over the years. Barbara had many children while she lived there, some of whom died in childbirth, and she was Diane Little's stepmother. Diane, now in her sixties, lives in Albuquerque.

On Charlie's property was a wonderful tall granite rock that we used to have picnics on. I really miss that rock.

We sometimes attended the Unitarian Church, and we had a wonderful minister. I used to sing in the Strawberry Festival.

This all may be more than you want to know. You may share it with community members. I have many fond memories of Carlisle, and miss it.

If possible, could you locate addresses for Edith Clark and for Peggy Clark?

Thank you,


Melinda Bell (formerly known as Linda Bell)

1301 W. 40th St.

Vancouver, WA 98660

· Charles Malis, M.D. of Tophet Road practices the good advice he preaches to his patients. He walks with them. Malis, who practices medicine in West Concord, walks every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8 a.m., starting and ending at the Concord Clinic on Winthrop Street, taking 30 minutes and going a total of three miles each time. The walk is followed by a stretching session.

Malis no longer associates himself with HMO's in order to be free to spend the kind of time he thinks patients need. The Concord Clinic plans on starting a second walking group that starts at 7 a.m. The walking groups are open to anyone whether he or she is a Concord Clinic patient or not. If interested, contact Concord Clinic at 369-2266.

· Artist Maris Platais of Bedford Road will have a one man show at the Francesca Anderson Fine Art Gallery in Lexington. The show will feature landscapes of New England, marine paintings, Maine coastal scenes and images of Old World Europe.

Gallery hours are 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Wednesday through Saturday. Wednesdays until 8 p.m. The Gallery is located at 56 Adams Street, Lexington. For more information, call 781-862-0660.

· Christopher Thomas of Page Brook Road, a 1998 CCHS graduate, has earned placement on the Dean's List for the spring semester of the 1999/00 academic year at Berklee College of Music. The Berklee curriculum focuses on practical career preparation for today's music industry.

Our COA Director-Liz Jewell

Liz Jewell is our COA Director

Her duties she tackles with glee

Her bubbly, smiling, busy self

Is so wonderful to see.

She plans our trips and luncheons

She checks on the staff with care

The evening teas are fun to attend

She calls and makes sure we get there.

She gets out the Monthly Senior paper

Food shops for barbecues and teas

She also shops for Ed's Men's breakfasts

She is ever there to please

A home day booth for our COA

Is set up every year

She gets out the Christmas gift boxes

And wishes all members cheer.

Volunteers for Meals on Wheels are needed

She takes care of that job too.

Her work keeps her ever busy

She is for COA true blue.

She is always present at outings

She is a mother of two little girls

Lily and Anna are little darlings

Her life is a busy whirl.

We are happy to have Liz as director

She is friendly, pretty and kind

We appreciate all that she does for us

She was a perfect find.

2000 The Carlisle Mosquito