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Friday, September 22, 2000


Experience the Art of Living Tour in Carlisle

This is the final in a series of articles featuring the Art of Living in Carlisle Tour on Saturday, September 23.

After six months of planning, scheduling, and just plain hard work, the Carlisle Cultural Council will present its first Art of Living tour this Saturday. The route will cover 14 sites, only 12 of which include houses. The two others highlight Native American ceremonial landmarks and an example of private conservation land. Many sites feature scheduled demonstrations. The tour also highlights four related exhibits in town. See map and sidebars for details.

You may purchase tickets the day of the tour at any site, except #2 at 45 South Street and #14 at 268 Fiske Street. Adult tickets are $10, seniors and children tickets are $5, and there is a $25 ceiling per family. The volunteers staffing the sites would appreciate exact cash or a check made out to the "Carlisle Cultural Council." To commemorate your participation, you can also purchase a canvas tote bag for $10.

The council will use funds gathered to apply for matching state money. Then, the council hopes to award more local grants. Last year, the council applied its funds to create the tour event, as well as awards to the Old Home Day Association and to the Gleason Library.

Council committee members include Maria Conley, Bonnie Miskolczy, Nancy Stadtlander, Andrea Urban, Malcolm Walsh, and Chairperson Joan Goodman.

For more information, you can call Goodman at 371-0724 or send her an email at

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