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Friday, September 15, 2000


CSC hears of rosy start and sees facility improvements

"It is a wonderful day to be back. I anticipate a superb year," Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson told the Carlisle School Committee on September 5.

Principal Andy Goyer agreed, "All the things you worry about didn't happen. We got everyone here to the school and everyone home at the end of the day." None of the Bedford Charter buses have the brakes which were recently recalled, causing problems for other school systems at the onset of the school year, according to business manager Eileen Riley.

Since September 5 was the first day of school for Carlisle students as well as the first school committee meeting of the year, it seemed fitting that the group would be treated to a tour of the physical plant and improvements made over the summer.

"The Corey gym, now 12 years old, has been repainted. Its floor has been relined and resurfaced," explained director of buildings and grounds David Flannery. He commented that although the floor sealer has a detectable odor, it gives off no toxic gases and is not harmful.

"Additionally," Flannery said, "the acoustical bats hanging from the ceiling are new and there are more of them. The 114 side acoustical panels have been replaced or refurbished."

"These improvements have cut down on the noise reverberations in the gym that people have complained about for years," Goyer noted. "The additional baffle means one can speak more softly and be heard."

The water fountain, removed from the gym and installed in the outer hallway, is now compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The new score board, donated by Welch Foods and installed by Carlisle resident Richard Irwin, is now in place.

The trees around the campus have been pruned and some sidewalk and curbing in the front plaza has been replaced. The two rooftop ventilation units on the Robbins Building have been operating for two weeks and are expected to improve the air quality in the building.

Fox-Melanson said, "David Flannery and his crew have worked very hard over the summer and have done a nice job. Even all the windows have been cleaned." In response, Flannery thanked the school committee for their support and help in procuring the necessary funds. Some of the improvements were made with the help of contributions and energy conservation grants, as well as town funds. Fox-Melanson commented, "If you don't maintain the buildings and campus, they become in disarray very quickly." School committee member David Dockterman agreed, saying that psychologically it means a lot to everyone when better care is taken of the campus.

Appreciation for gifts

to the school

Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson thanked a number of individuals and companies for their very generous gifts and donations:

· Thomas and Christine Rice for a contribution towards the purchase of percussion instruments;

· the Acton Carpet Shop for the donation of 30 carpet squares;

· Gail Gazzolla for the donation of 413 Dual-Tip Marvy AA Markers and 194 Marvy Brush Markers;

· the Carlisle School class of 2000 for the money to purchase a three-seat recycled plastic game table;

· a gift of $21,000 from the Carlisle Education Foundation.

Business manager Eileen Riley announced that she was grateful for the $21,000 gift from the Carlisle Education Foundation which will be used for the purchase, installation and support of Internet access equipment for the classrooms.

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