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Friday, September 15, 2000


Shorts from Carlisle School Committee

· Town planning day. Carlisle School Committee chair Paul Morrison reported that the municipal land committee hopes to have a town planning day, possibly in January, to enable various groups in town to meet, discuss and assess long-term needs for town land.

· School council members. Complying with the Education Reform Act (Mass. General Laws Chapter 71, Section 59C), the Carlisle School Committee voted to establish the formation of the Carlisle School Council 2000-01. The council meets regularly with the principal and consists of one community member with no children in the school, two teachers and three school parents. Members serve a one-year term. The council assists the school in the "adoption of educational goals, identification of educational needs of the students, review of the annual budget, and formulation of a school improvement plan." All interested individuals are encouraged to forward a brief statement to Principal Andy Goyer at the Carlisle Public School before September 20.

· Fifth-grade teacher. "Susan Fitzgerald will be teaching a section of the fifth grade this year," Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson announced. "She is an experienced teacher and is certified for this level. The students will be well served by this appointment." Fitzgerald, formerly a special education teacher at the school, joins Julia Hendrix, Jennifer MacInnes, Jennifer Putnam and William Tate in teaching the five sections of fifth grade.

· Executive session. The CSC adjourned into executive session to discuss litigation.

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