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Friday, September 15, 2000


Classroom Internet access necessitates new policy

Internet access is now available to the students and teachers of the Carlisle Public School. As a result, school administrators and technical specialists asked the Carlisle School Committee to comment on the proposed Internet Acceptable Use Agreement/Policy. All school families and students will have to sign the policy when it has been completed.

The proposed policy states, "Our goal in providing this service to students is to promote educational excellence in the Carlisle Public Schools by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication." This service will provide the school with access to all information and news from NASA and research institutions, many university library catalogues, the Library of Congress, ERIC (a collection of information relevant to student research projects) and graphical access to the World Wide Web. Assuredly, other resources will be found.

The school plans to "take precautions to restrict access to controversial materials through the installation of Bess Filtering software on the Merrimack Education Center (MEC) connection to the Internet.

Acceptable terms and conditions of use are defined in the policy as are the topics of plagiarism and copyright infringement, network etiquette, security and vandalism. The school hopes use of the network resources will be intelligent, proper and make valuable information for teachers and classes available.

Committee chair Paul Morrison felt there should be additional wording included in the policy stating that the Carlisle Public School is not responsible for any inappropriate behavior involving the school Internet system. Member Harry Crowther added that students should also be advised not to impersonate any other student.

Each classroom will have one Internet connection. There will be no individual accounts for students. The policy clearly states that future use of the school's Internet system will be denied to anyone, student or teacher, who violates any of the provisions.

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