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Friday, September 15, 2000

The municipal land committee is facing three major challenges, all three of which dominated their meeting on August 30. Selectman and chair John Ballantine continues his study of school population demographics as follow-up to last year's Growing Pains report. At the same time, the committee is trying to peer into the future and identify both the demand for and the supply of potential town land. Then, when land becomes available, the group will be prepared to advise the board of selectmen on possible uses, as envisioned when the group was formed at the 1997 Annual Town Meeting. ...more

The September 19 Massachusetts Primary election promises to be a rather one-sided affair. Of the three party slates to be determined in this run-up to the November election, only the Democrats list choices. Even their ballot, to no one's surprise, shows no contest in the nomination for U.S. Senator, conceding it to the reigning incumbent Democrat Senator Edward M. Kennedy. However, the Senator's congressional colleague, U.S. Representative Martin Meehan, has two challengers from within his party. Other contested offices on the Democratic ballot include Governor's Council, Clerk of Courts and Register of Probate. ...more

On Sunday, September 17, the town of Carlisle is invited to stroll through the renovated Gleason Library Building, enjoy refreshments and take part in the dedication of the newly-expanded library. ...more

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