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Friday, August 18, 2000


As it does every summer, the Carlisle Recreation Commission's summer camp again has offered many campers, from kindergarten to eighth grade, a fabulous time. Involving an unprecedented number of campers (approximately 125 per week), the program has thrived under the hard work and organization of its dedicated adult organizers. Not to forget the numerous others: counselors, lifeguards, instructors, aides, and of course, most importantly, the campers, all of whom have helped make the program the best it has been in years according to camp director, Jan Deyoe. The camp is divided into two separate programs—one for kids entering kindergarten through fourth grade, and the other for older kids entering fourth through eighth grade. Both of these programs run in parallel for six weeks (in three two-week sessions), ending on the fourth of August. ...more

This is the fourth in a series of articles featuring the sites that will be part of the Art of Living in Carlisle Tour on September 23. ...more

It was the morning of July 11, a Tuesday, when Gabor and Bonnie Miskolczy stopped by the Carlisle Post Office on Bedford Road to pick up the mail. As they walked to their car they looked across the way to see a demolition operator taking down the old St. Irene Church next door. Bonnie, an avid photographer, decided to go back home and get her camera to photograph the operation that would eventually take all day. As she watched the demolition operator Charles Zaher move his track-mounted backhoe to and fro, Bonnie came up with the idea of saving the steeple and moving it to the Miskolczy property on Cross Street. ...more

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