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Friday, August 18, 2000


Selectmen consider pathways fund

The pedestrian and bicycle safety committee approached the selectmen on July 25 regarding a change to the planning board's rules and regulations to encourage developers to contribute to a pathways account whenever the sidewalk requirement in a new development is waived. Certain towns, including Lincoln, have established similar accounts which can be used only for purposes directly linked to the waived requirement; for example, funds could be used to put a sidewalk somewhere else where residents of the development will use it, such as a town center. According to interim town administrator Madonna Mackenzie, contributions to a pathways account cannot be mandatory but can be used as a negotiating tool. The town counsel will be consulted.

East Street resident Caren Ponty then addressed the selectmen regarding the need for a pathway extending from the center up East Street. "I have been overwhelmed by the number of people who have spoken to me [in support of the East Street extension]," said Ponty. She then went on to claim that 96 houses would be linked to the center by this pathway. "I see people trying to walk and kids trying to bike, and it's impossible." Chair Michael Fitzgerald responded, "The issue we'll be facing is priority, especially since funds from the state have dwindled by a third."

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