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Friday, August 18, 2000


West Nile Virus and town center cleanup issues prompt BOH to visit selectmen

The selectmen were visited by representatives from the board of health on August 8 to address matters of mutual concern, including the West Nile Virus and town center cleanup issues.

Board of health agent Linda Fantasia reported that she had received four phone calls in support of spraying for mosquitoes due to the discovery of West Nile Virus in the Boston area, and three calls against. According to board of health chair Steve Opolski, the state is not recommending spraying, and does not want any more dead birds sent to them. The state is checking mosquitoes throughout the area. Anyone with questions is being directed to the Carlisle Community Center web site ( which has links providing information on the virus. (See board of health article on page 1)

Chris Mariano of ENSR consultants presented an estimate for continuing to monitor cleanup of the department of public works site until a Warrant article can be passed at a Special Town Meeting in November. Due to an oversight in budgeting, there is a $2,500 shortfall for the expense which will be covered by a transfer from the reserve fund, to be reimbursed at Town Meeting.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has contacted the Daisy family and informed them that the agency is proceeding with plans to remove contaminated soil from the site of the former gas station. The project will begin in early to mid-September and will take about three to five days to complete. "This is the best news," said Opolski, pointing out that this plan is consistent with the recommendations of the board of health's water quality subcommittee.

Steve Hinton of the water quality subcommittee gave his personal endorsement to the plan to classify the contaminated police station site as Class C, which would require monitoring, but no active removal of petroleum compounds. "Concentrations are so low, it would be hard to recover that last bit." said Mariano, adding that natural attenuation is the best route. The pollution is very contained and "no residential wells or wetlands are being impacted." The selectmen have not heard from opposed to the plan and therefore agreed to support this proposal.

On another matter, Opolski expressed concern that, as a money-saving measure, the department of public works and police department assumed the responsibilities of the animal control officer so that the position could be eliminated. Opolski believes that the department is unprepared to perform the record-keeping necessary for tracking the isolation and confinement of animals exposed to communicable diseases. Interim administrator Madonna McKenzie said she will look into what is currently being done to ensure that all of the necessary tasks are being completed.

Lastly, on the recommendation of Opolski, the selectmen appointed Martha Bedrosian of Bedford Road to the board of health.

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