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Friday, August 18, 2000


Disputed Boston Gas line to remain over septic system

The Boston Gas saga at One River Road has finally come to a merciful end. Bryan Butler of Oxbow Associates accompanied Boston Gas representative Francis O'Leary as they seated themselves before the commissioners at the head table. The problem initially arose when Boston Gas installed a gas line through a wetland buffer zone into the One River Road facility, neglecting to file a Notice of Intent (NOI) and routing the line directly over the septic system. To make matters worse, there was fear that the gas line might be located directly over the septic system distribution box (d-box), meaning that any future excavation of the d-box could prove disastrous. The company has paid a $1,000 fine for its noncompliance and was ordered to submit an ex post facto NOI.

"We've located the d-box and it's 11 feet away from the gas line at the closest point," said Butler. He offered two alternatives to the committee. "We can chop the line off at the street and reroute around the buffer zone or we can leave the gas line where it is and halt any further disturbance to the area."

The second alternative did not please abutter Dana Booth, who could foresee the 30- to 40-year-old septic system needing replacement in the not too distant future. "If someone comes in with a back hoe and hasn't notified Dig Safe, there could be an explosion with damage to my property," declared Booth. Several members of the audience shifted uncomfortably at the thought of being caught in the vicinity of an exploding septic tank. Commissioner Jo Rita Jordan countered that probably, if owners put in a new septic system, they will relocate it and leave the old one as is.

Commissioner Steve Spang wrapped up the discussion by stating, "We as a commission have to decide whether the gas line should be relocated or not." He reminded the others that the punitive phase is over. "I'm in favor of leaving the gas line where it isand moving on," he concluded. Chair Carolyn Kiely reminded the Boston Gas representative that any future attempt to relocate the gas line or septic system will require new filings and a repeat of the application process. Jordan moved that the commission issue a retroactive standard order of conditions and all agreed by a vote of 4-0, permitting the gas line to remain where it is.

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