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Friday, August 4, 2000


Shorts from the selectmen

· Wages. In other business at the board of selectmen's July 11 meeting, salaries for the various town departments were approved, raising several to theminimum suggested by the recent Wages and Classifications Report. Approximately $30,000 was appropriated to fund recommendations of this study in FY2001 by Annual Town Meeting in May, and a fall Special Town Meeting will vote to transfer. The fall Special Town Meeting will vote to transfer these funds to department budgets to cover this first step of the implementation. In other salary matters, after researching what other towns pay, selectmen reduced theadditional stipend for the assistant treasurer for acting as treasurer to $100 per month for the next six months.

· DPW site. As a follow-up to the selectmen's previous session on the department of public works site, selectman Doug Stevenson reported that thebudget of $89,000 for the site's clean-up is expected to come in about $5,000 below dueto the success of the microbe treatment, However, there is about $10,000 unaccounted forthat he is tracking down.

Due to an oversight, no money was appropriated for FY 2001,but bills are coming in from ENSR, consultants on the project. Stevensonsuggested a fallSpecial Town Meeting could approve additional money formonitoring andtesting, expected to cost about $1,000 per month. The town will be fined if this workdoesn't continue. He will ask ENSR to continue work, although the town will be unable to payuntil Town Meeting.

· Cranberry Bog house. Improvements were to be made on the Cranberry Bog house as part of thethree-year lease agreement. None of these improvements have been completed. The lease isexpiring and there is an option for next year. The conservation commission hasbeenasked to attend the next selectmen's meeting to report.

· Carriage Way covenant. The planning board, fire chief Robert Koning, and developer William Costello have reached agreement on thequestion of cistern size, and the selectmen have been asked to sign the covenant for theCarriage Way subdivision. This document establishes an owners' association responsible for roadmaintenance if for any reason the road is not accepted by the town as a public way. Asexplained by selectman Vivian Chaput at the July 11 selectmen's meeting, "The covenant gives the town the right to hold property as aguarantee that required improvements will be completed." The town is required to sign the covenant as a potential owner of one of the parcels.

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