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Friday, August 4, 2000


Shorts from ConsCom

· Davis Road pond. A flurry of calls from citizens, upset that a mini-pond at the Davis Road entrance to the Pine Meadows subdivision was being filled with rocks, got immediate attention from conservation administrator Sylvia Willard last week. The owner of the land, who said he was concerned about his child's safety, was advised to halt the operation, after a call to developer William Costello revealed that the pool is part of a drainage system and is protected by the planning board's regulations. Commissioners believe that in addition, the pool is subject to federal protection through the Army Corps of Engineers.

· Open space maps. The board thanked the Carlisle Conservation Foundation for funding the printing of two colored maps that brighten the new Open Space and Recreation Report. They voted to frame the larger of the two maps and display it at Town Hall. The report contains a detailed assessment of Carlisle's public and privately-owned land resources, together with recommendations for land management and possible future acquisitions. It will be distributed to town officials and will be available for $15.

· Road resurfacing. Department of public works superintendent Gary Davis submitted a Request for Determination of Applicability with regard to road resurfacing with bituminous concrete (asphalt) and installation of catch basins on Milne Cove Road and North Road. He also plans to resurface Maple Street from Milne Cove Road to the Billerica line. This was universally agreed to as beneficial and on July 27 the commission quickly voted 7-0 to issue a standard order of conditions. However, a side issue developed.

Carlisle bylaws require that a certified letter be sent to all abutters whenever a public meeting of this sort is planned. This becomes overwhelming when applied to road resurfacing. Commissioner Jo Rita Jordan believes the commission could select only the names of those who are abutting wetlands along the length of road being resurfaced. Chair Carolyn Kiely agreed to check on the legality and possibly streamline the process in the future.

· Drilling on O'Rourke. Mike Holland of the water quality subcommittee described plans to install a groundwater pumping well and monitoring well on the O'Rourke Farm. He needs to have some concrete debris removed from a dirt access road on the property in order to position a drill rig. Willard and Davis visited the site a few days earlier (in the pouring rain) and will do whatever is necessary to accommodate the drill rig. This includes mowing the drill site and moving debris if the rig cannot maneuver around it.

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