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Friday, August 4, 2000


ConsCom vows close watch on Pheasant Hill construction

At a third appearance by developer Peter Marden and his environmental engineer Jody Borghetti, the conservation commission approved a proposal for construction of a house and associated utilities on Pheasant Hill Lane. On July 13, they reviewed some of their previous concerns about the substantial grading and filling operation required by the steep hillside location. ConsCom administrator Sylvia Willard again expressed discomfort at the requirement for 2,000 cubic yards of fill, which might prove vulnerable in an extreme rainfall event. She stressed the need for rapid erosion control measures and reseeding.

Marden expressed complete confidence in the efficacy of his system of check dams and hay bale barriers, and told the commission he would stabilize the slope before other construction has been completed. Commissioner John Lee specified that Marden use the stabilization mats he had demonstrated previously. The order of conditions further ordered that the commission be notified if any destabilization was noted, and Willard was instructed to keep a close eye on the project.

River Road NOI

Theresa Fitzgerald of River Road won quick approval of her Notice of Intent (NOI) that called for construction of a deck and a garage slab which would be partially located in a wetland buffer zone. Engineer Borghetti said the deck will be constructed on concrete posts and the garage will rest mostly outside the buffer. Willard confirmed that the applicant had re-flagged the wetland boundary at her request and that she had minimum concern about the work.

Stearns Street septic repair

Herb and Ruth Uebelhoer of Stearns Street also received fast approval for a major septic system repair that will require a lot of work in the buffer zone. The old distribution box and tank that dated back to the 1950s will be pumped out, crushed, removed and replaced.

Kibby Place tree removal

Kibby Place resident Dawna Paton welcomed the news that she would not be required to submit an NOI in order to cut down a number of saplings that have grown up in an area between her house and a stone wall. The barrier was erected at the request of ConsCom at the time the house was built.

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