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Friday, August 4, 2000


BOH surprised by Boston Gas actions

Five days after a Boston Gas representative had a less than successful meeting before the conservation commission, two representatives, Mo Sanio and Phil Wells, appeared before the board of health. On July 18, Sanio explained that in September he was asked to install a gas connection at 1 River Road. He got a crew and dug a gas line 18 inches deep and 150 feet long by hand. No leaching field, distribution box (d-box) or septic tank was found. The gas lines are not deep and it is common for the gas company to cross electrical, sewer or water lines which are buried deeper, Sanio added.

No one really knows the location of the 30-year-old septic system as there are two conflicting plans. One shows a d-box right underneath the gas line, another shows a distance of about nine feet from the line to the d-box. Though absent from the meeting, town consulting engineer Rob Frado is concerned that the gas line might be too near the box and wishes to have a civil engineer do an "as built" plan of the septic system.

Board of health chair Steve Opolski expressed his surprise at the rather cavalier attitude of the gas company regarding the placement of the lines. Sanio responded, "We asked the owner and that's the best we can do. We don't know about wetlands." The gas company does put a copper wire next to the PVC gas pipe so that it can be traced at a later time. The building maintenance supervisor Kevin Cadorett offered to provide a survey which will locate the buildings, septic tank, d-box, gas line and well for the board. Cadorett will do the digging and get an engineer to stamp the survey which will satisfy the board of health.

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