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Friday, July 14, 2000


At the selectmen's meeting on June 27, Chris Mariano of ENSR provided an update on the status of the department of public works' hazardous waste site, where a diesel tank was removed in September 1998, and 300 tons of soil were subsequently taken out. Last year, ENSR suggested microbe injections to deal with the residual pollution in groundwater which was showing petroleum compounds, as high as 2,400 parts per billion (ppb). The microbe injections began in October 1999 and have continued monthly. Recent testing indicates the injections have been successful, lowering the levels of petroleum compounds to 130 ppb. The injection program, which cost $45,000, will continue throughout August. The microbes are natural organisms that die off once their food source, the petroleum compounds, is gone. ...more

The school committees of the Concord Public Schools and the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District have sent a resolution calling for changes in the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests to the state department of education. ...more

At their meeting on June 27, the selectmen reappointed a number of committee members, appointed some new volunteers and noted a number of vacancies. ...more

With town funds in short supply for even the most dire of needs, the pedestrian and bike safety committee has been investigating other sources of funding to help pay for a feasibility study for a roadside pathway system. The feasibility study would inform the town on the cost and practicality of placing footpaths along the town's main arterial roads. ...more

· 7 School Street approved. The operation of a real estate office at 7 School Street was approved with ten conditions to ensure adequate screening, parking, and septic system. ...more

The return of books and other materials to the newly-renovated Gleason Library is nearing completion, and the job of setting up the new facility for efficient patron service is well underway. While all of the books have now been transferred back, those that have been circulating for the past year must now be interfiled with books that were stored for a year in the trailers. Volunteers will be sought to help integrate these two collections. (See notice on page 20) ...more

On June 9, 10 and 11, thirty-three Carlisleansadults and kidstramped over hill, dale and wetlands and observed and identified 389 species of plants and animals. Some of the observations were made in organized groups on the Towle Land, Cranberry Bog and Great Brook Farm State Park, and other sightings were from backyards and other areas in town. Participants ranged in experience from experts to casual naturalists to newcomers at observing natural history. ...more

The conservation commission has filled one of its two vacant slots with a highly qualified Carlisle newcomer. Christine Gaulden of Timothy Lane received a nod from the commission and the board of selectmen at their respective late June sessions. ...more

Only one petition came before the Carlisle Board of Appeals on July 6; that of Marie Louise and John Petrie, 39 Baldwin Road. The Petries sought permission to expand their saltbox-style home, which dates back to 1789. While the expansion fell short of Carlisle's 50-percent limit, the house had been built long before the creation of a requisite 40-foot setback from the street. Because of this nonconforming house placement its owners were required to seek board of appeals approval. ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School senior Jody Kelman was elected to serve on the state board of education for the 2000-01 school year, the only student member of the board. Kelman will attend monthly board of education meetings in Malden and will vote on issues before the board. She said that Massachusetts has one of the few educational boards in the country that allows a student member to vote. Kelman, a Concord resident, was elected by her peers in the state student advisory council. ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School teachers will receive a 2 percent raise for the 2000-01 school year, a 3.36 percent increase in 2001-02 and a 3 percent raise in the 2002-03 school year as part of a new three-year contract negotiated by the regional school committee and teacher association leaders. The 8.36 percent total increase over three years is slightly less than the contract signed in 1997 when teachers received a 10 percent raise over three years between 1997 and 2000. ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School Principal Elaine DiCicco presented the School Improvement Plan, a report prepared annually by the principal and the school's advisory council, a group of faculty, students and parents who work to articulate goals and achieve improvements at the high school. ...more

The school committee provided a one-year evaluation of Concord and Concord-Carlisle Regional School District Superintendent Ed Mavragis for his first year on the job. Calling the school district a high-expectation, demanding community, Concord member Nick Michaels read the review and said the regional school committee approved of the superintendent's outreach efforts to diverse community groups. The RSC was also appreciative of Mavragis' help in winning voter approval for the Concord schools' multi-million dollar renovation and building project. ...more

Engineer Gary Shepherd of David Ross Engineering presented the Great Brook Estates subdivision plan to the board of health at the June 27 meeting. The property is located off Rutland Street. Shepherd began by explaining that the 28-acre plot includes a popular horse trail. The owners, Ira Gould and Betsy Goldenberg, and the planning board had all agreed that it would be nice to create a conservation cluster and preserve the trail. ...more

A total of 150 runners (breaking last year's record of 134) completed the two races: 50 runners competed in the 5 mile race at 7:30 A.M. (11 female), 100 in the 1 mile race at 8:30 (37 female). It was a fine day for running - sunny with temperature in the mid-70's. ...more

The Ice Cream Social kicked off Old Home Day again this year. Thanks to Lisa and Peter Duffy and Sarah Brophy all went smoothly with the help of the Girl Scouts and their parents. The Girl Scouts applied toppings after their parents scooped the ice cream. The Carlisle Cats accompanied the fun with music. ...more

Grand Marshal Dave Toher led the parade on his festively decorated horse, Ik, followed by the Carlisle Hearse. The only "hitch" in this year's parade was when the horses became "unhitched" from the hearse at the circle, and that took but a minute to slide back together. ...more

Thirteen runners from the Concord-Carlisle Track and Field Team rose early on Thursday, June 15 for a trip that they would never forget. Their destination was Raleigh, North Carolina, where they were to run in the National Track and Field Outdoor Championships sponsored by Foot Locker. ...more

In first game action of summer softball in Carlisle, the "New York Yankees" beat the "Boston Red Sox" 12—8 as light rain fell at the opening pitch. It was a close, one-run game through four innings until David Freedman (traded to the Yankees just before the game) shut down the "Red Sox" with superb high-arc relief pitching. ...more

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